Lets travel to the desert, or more precisely to the edge of it at Emirate of Dubai, where man's imagination and wealth drove forward and amazing project to develop man made islands to form the shape of palm tree and later on to take the shape of the coutries of the world and learn what happened to this fantastic project.


Perhaps you have seen the movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks as the main characters. This movie was released in 2002 but still resonates with an incredible message of self worth. Those traits that once were used against people can be turned around to help people and thus in this video we present you the story behind the movie and the turn around of FRANK ABAGNALE JR, the CON Artist who became an FBI aid to catch other con artist and in the process became a HOLLYWOOD icon.

The MOST wanted HACKER and his CAPTURE by the FBI

Computer hacking has been one of the most serious crimes in the recent decades. The ability for people to steal online information, alter codes, disrupting societal norms has been a serious matter to the FBI for years. During the 80’s and 90’s however, one person broke the norm for hacking. He didn’t hack to steal money, but rather to entertain himself and entertain himself he did.

7 signs of a FAKE friend

The world runs on trust. When you trust someone, positive progress is made and enterprises are built. How can you tell when someone is fake? Here are 7 signs of a FAKE friend. Can you spot them? Leave us your comments and let us know if there is another trait that you would have listed!

DUMBEST moments Donald Trump as he gets RE-ELECTED

As the battle for the reelection heats up with the completion of the Republican convention, we thought we had a look at some of the dumbest things that Donal Trump has done. Obviously we are keenly aware that half of the viewing audience will laugh, while the other half will cry. Are you laughing or crying?

Top 7 Michael GERVAIS lessons for a HIGH performance MINDSET

Your ability to succeed in life and enjoy your profession is directly tied to your attitude and the performance of your mind. Just like a high performance automobile needs fine tuning, your mind also needs these seven lessons. In this video, we present Michael Gervais, and show you how companies like MICROSOFT, Seattle SEAHAWKS, PIXAR, AMAZON, AT&T and others have engaged Michael to help their employees perform to their best.

Top 7 CONSPIRACY theories and WHY they make sense to some people

ASK a room full of people about OBAMA, or TRUMP or any other political or influential person and half the room will have a thumbs up and the other half a thumbs down, and will justify their choices often with conspiracy theories. WHAT is going on in the world that so many conspiracy theories will just NOT DIE?!! Here are some of the classic conspiracy theories, still roaming around. Which ones do you believe?

¡Los Mejores Tik Tokers Jóvenes que no te puedes Perder!

Atención Jóvenes y menos Jóvenes. TIK TOK está aquí para quedarse y es la nueva plataforma de comunicación. Si tienes menos de 25 años de edad, ya sabes que es, pero a lo mejor no conoces a los mejores protagonistas, y si tienes más de 25 años de edad, y aún no lo sabes, entonces es hora que te informes! Morrongo TV, Motivación, Inspiración, Diversión!

CHINA Dam Breaking

The ASSOCIATED PRESS published a July 20, 2020 report on CHINA's Three Gorges DAM about the action taken by Chinese Authorities to blew up a dam to release the surging waters. MILLIONS of people affected and the impact to the world's economy will be severely affected. Morrongo TV follows up on these BREAKING news with a brief documentary on this colossal dam. Morrongo TV, Motivation, Inspiration, Fun!

Joseph Murphy – 5 Big Secrets of Life

The summary principles presented on this video are a compilation from different sources spiced up with my own studies on the topics of mysticism, Rosicrucianism, Catholicism, and Religion over the past 25 years. These core principles represent timeless knowledge that if properly understood can greatly bring about positive change in the lives of people.

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