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25 Video explainer Bible Old Testament

Today we will be diving into a quick overview of one of the most legendary books of all time. The Bible is famously divided into two parts, The Old Testament and The New Testament. For our video today, we will be focusing on the former. Before we continue, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel… Continue Reading →

Chanel Miller – KNOW MY NAME – A SURVIVOR Story of Empowerment

As I read the book KNOW MY NAME by Chanel Miller I find amazing combinations of words that form metaphors with each sentence: “.. to watch the sun spill its yolk over the hills”…”I stood naked, nipples staring back at me..” WHO writes like this!!!? A sexual attack survivor or a poet? To read and learn the story of Chanel and the extraordinary circumstances that led to the reading of her statement by over 11 million people, is to remind us that the pandemic is not the only impactful thing in our society. After watching this video I encourage you to read her statement and get to know her. Her story has changed the laws forever, and our humanity exposed against the backdrop of the twitter era of “grab’m by the pu**y.

HOW to avoid future REGRETS – a caution for your life plan

When looking at a mirror do you only see your self or do you also use it to see the trail behind you? Are you surprised to find others that live a life or regrets? Check out the clues on this video to avoid FUTURE REGRETS starting with the relationships, gratefulness and live in the moment.

PRINCE EA top 5 videos in 2020

Do you know the real name of PRINCE EA? Did you know some of his fun facts of live? In this TOP 5 compilation for 2020 we highlight some of the best that has come out of this genius of positivism.

Top 5 KOBE BRYANT Moments

Whether you are a basketball fan or not, Kobe’s life is an example of inspiration and motivation. In this memorial video to one of the greatest players of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, we remember his life and legacy in reviewing his TOP 5 Moments.

HAPPY RETIREMENT Principles that you should know

In this second video on financial retirement, we discuss key principles that you should know if you want to create a worry-free retirement plan that really means NEVER having to worry about money or market downturns.
What are the key factors to consider? is it savings and investments only? or is there more?
What is the INCOME GAP? are ANNUITIES worth considering?

We have received permission from Terry Heys of to create this video. It is intended to be used for general information only and should not be construed as accounting, legal, tax recommendations or specific investment advice

LISTEN and GROW Rich, by Napoleon HILL

Ok, we know its THINK and GROW Rich, but on this video, you can listen and watch as well as think. We hope this classic motivational speaker and writer who influenced so many, also motivates and inspires you.

Top 7 SLEEP videos with ASMR to HELP you calm your mind

SLEEP is of paramount importance to maintain health, motivation and achieve your goals. Yet, we often take it for granted and spend time outside of sleep hours in our devices. Here is an opportunity to turn your TV into a sleep AID by tuning to this video with the best SLEEP videos with ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Top 7 UDY Gold DIGGERS videos and WHY you should watch them

Sergio Mejia created a YouTube channel dedicated to trap men or women who are only interested in the money they can get from their partners. In this compilation we related the top 7 videos from UDY GOLD DIGGERS. Prepare to be motivated and entertained!

BOOT camp TOUGHEST trainings to MOTIVATE you

What does it look like to be a part of the elite arm forces of America and how does it all begin?
There are the top 7 boot camps and what the soldiers must go thru to graduate. Are you up to the task ? We hope this video motivates you to be your best!

Top 7 BASKETBALL scenes to MOTIVATE and Inspire

Basketball is one of the fastest played sports with a team. Strength, agility and cunning are some of the factors that make a champion of basketball, and in this video you get a chance to re-live fantastic moments of this sport.

Top 7 GAMERS Videos that YOU should Watch and WHY

Video games are rage all over and have become a mainstream entertainment for many. For those of you that don’t play them, here is a video that will show you what top gamers do. For those of you who do play them, this video will give you a taste of the top videos posted by gamers.

APPLE vs MICROSOFT most popular FIGHTS that YOU should KNOW about

Not since the invention of the printing press, has the world since so much changes in technology like the ones we have witness in the last 30 years. These two GIANTS of Technology have influenced our lives so much, and yet many people do not know how much they have competed. In this ring-arena motivated video, we show some of those epic moments. Enjoy it and leave us your comments!

FBI skills and Training that YOU did NOT KNOW about

Law enforcement training skills and techniques are essential in a civilized society to help capture criminals and protect law abiding citizens, but are we using them right ? In this video we examine some of the FBI skills that you may not know about.

Top 7 SIDEMEN competitions to INSPIRE anyone

Talking about FUN! Here is a group of men who invented some of the best games.
We have made a quick compilation of the top 7 games these guys played!
Check them out and let us know what is your favorite.

Ellen Degeneres CANCELLED!

We are living in an era of social media, when boycott has taken a new name: CANCEL CULTURE and this time the turn is to ELLEN DEGENERES. Her reputation as a kind person, has quickly eroded with some serious accusations that we summarize in this video.

Before they were FAMOUS! – Which is your FAVORITE?

A quick look at your favorite stars before they became famous and some of the WEIRD stories of their FAME. When we set out to select the thumbnail for this video, there was an uproar in our audience and amazingly, the votes were evenly divided among the choices. We finally decided on this one. What do you think?

Top 5 most INSPIRATIONAL movies and why YOU need to watch them

No doubt movies shape our beliefs by stirring emotions. Those movies that immortalized our culture and create a drive are to be remembered as milestones in our life. Morrongo TV examined these top 5 movies that are sure to remind you of great times! Give us your comments and let us know which ones you would have included.


Lets travel to the desert, or more precisely to the edge of it at Emirate of Dubai, where man’s imagination and wealth drove forward and amazing project to develop man made islands to form the shape of palm tree and later on to take the shape of the coutries of the world and learn what happened to this fantastic project.


Perhaps you have seen the movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks as the main characters. This movie was released in 2002 but still resonates with an incredible message of self worth. Those traits that once were used against people can be turned around to help people and thus in this video we present you the story behind the movie and the turn around of FRANK ABAGNALE JR, the CON Artist who became an FBI aid to catch other con artist and in the process became a HOLLYWOOD icon.

The MOST wanted HACKER and his CAPTURE by the FBI

Computer hacking has been one of the most serious crimes in the recent decades. The ability for people to steal online information, alter codes, disrupting societal norms has been a serious matter to the FBI for years. During the 80’s and 90’s however, one person broke the norm for hacking. He didn’t hack to steal money, but rather to entertain himself and entertain himself he did.

Top 7 Billy GRAHAM inspirational Messages

Regardless of your particular faith or beliefs this video provides wonderful principles applicable to all people and religious viewpoints from one of the most prominent Christian leaders of our era.
Check out Billy Graham life and inspiration.

Top 10 WORLD MEGACITIES and why should visit them

We live in unique times in our civilization and we have build magnificent urban centers. Here is a a quick look at the best cities and why you should visit them. Drop us a comment and let the conversation begin !

7 signs of a FAKE friend

The world runs on trust. When you trust someone, positive progress is made and enterprises are built. How can you tell when someone is fake? Here are 7 signs of a FAKE friend. Can you spot them? Leave us your comments and let us know if there is another trait that you would have listed!

6 Common HABITS that could make you RICH

According to Investopedia, only 20% of America’s millionaires inherited their wealth. The other 80%? They earned that million by themselves. HOW did they do it, and can we do the same?

Top skills RICH dads teach their kids – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Why are some people more successful than others? In this video you will have an opportunity to see some of the key principles that can allow you to learn about attracting financial success. We hope you like it and feel motivated and inspired after watching this video.

DUMBEST moments Donald Trump as he gets RE-ELECTED

As the battle for the reelection heats up with the completion of the Republican convention, we thought we had a look at some of the dumbest things that Donal Trump has done. Obviously we are keenly aware that half of the viewing audience will laugh, while the other half will cry. Are you laughing or crying?

The Body language the FBI uses to know if you are lying

In this video you will learn about interesting clues used by authorities such as the FBI to read body language. Perhaps you will be inspired by this video to know more about yourself and others. Drop us a comment and lets start the conversation.

Top 7 Michael GERVAIS lessons for a HIGH performance MINDSET

Your ability to succeed in life and enjoy your profession is directly tied to your attitude and the performance of your mind. Just like a high performance automobile needs fine tuning, your mind also needs these seven lessons. In this video, we present Michael Gervais, and show you how companies like MICROSOFT, Seattle SEAHAWKS, PIXAR, AMAZON, AT&T and others have engaged Michael to help their employees perform to their best.

Top 7 CONSPIRACY theories and WHY they make sense to some people

ASK a room full of people about OBAMA, or TRUMP or any other political or influential person and half the room will have a thumbs up and the other half a thumbs down, and will justify their choices often with conspiracy theories. WHAT is going on in the world that so many conspiracy theories will just NOT DIE?!! Here are some of the classic conspiracy theories, still roaming around. Which ones do you believe?

CHINA Dam Breaking

The ASSOCIATED PRESS published a July 20, 2020 report on CHINA’s Three Gorges DAM about the action taken by Chinese Authorities to blew up a dam to release the surging waters. MILLIONS of people affected and the impact to the world’s economy will be severely affected. Morrongo TV follows up on these BREAKING news with a brief documentary on this colossal dam.

Morrongo TV, Motivation, Inspiration, Fun!

Joseph Murphy – 5 Big Secrets of Life

The summary principles presented on this video are a compilation from different sources spiced up with my own studies on the topics of mysticism, Rosicrucianism, Catholicism, and Religion over the past 25 years. These core principles represent timeless knowledge that if properly understood can greatly bring about positive change in the lives of people.


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