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Today we will be diving into a quick overview of one of the most legendary books of all time.

The Bible is famously divided into two parts, The Old Testament and The New Testament.

For our video today, we will be focusing on the former.

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Shall we begin?

In the beginning, there was only darkness. Everything we know and see now, did not exist yet.

And then with the best intentions, God created light. He created land, he created water.

He created plants, trees, and animals. In the span of 6 days, he created earth, which he deemed as paradise. And he decreed that the 7th day, will be the day of rest.

He did not stop there, for his creations would not mean anything without anyone to nurture and cultivate them. So, he created Man and Woman in his image.

Man and Woman were free to do whatever they desired, except one. They were forbidden to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge.

They disobeyed, and God banished them from his creation. They were cursed from paradise and God’s relationship with Man, along with Man’s relationship with the earth, would be fractured.

It would be a similar theme all throughout the Old Testament as the greed and corruption of Man would be the driving force that would continually contribute to their downfall.

Man would continue on their wicked path, with man killing man, brother killing brother, and God had enough and decided to punish humanity for its terrible sins.

Then came a flood, which spared just one family, the family of Noah. And they were entrusted the survival of humanity.

Then came Abraham, the first Hebrew, and God opened a dialogue with him. God said that if Abraham obeyed God, God would multiply his descendants and that one day, one of his descendants would be the savior of mankind.

Abraham’s descendants would soon grow and grow into different generations. They would be called Israel and its people Israelites.

The Egyptians decided to enslave them, out of fear to their rule.

God then would call one man, to save God’s people. That man’s name was Moses.

Moses was born into the family of the Pharaoh, but later developed a yearning for God after meeting him at the Burning Bush.

Moses would return to free the Hebrew Slaves from Egyptian tyranny.

Armed with the 10 plagues, Moses freed the Israelites from slavery, and they would end up on Mount Sinai, where God would declare to Moses 10 Commandments for his people to follow.

But the Hebrews grew restless, and desired to go back to Egypt and into slavery. But they would end up being lost and wandering into the wilderness for the next 40 years.

Moses would die soon, but before his death, he warned the Hebrews to follow God’s way, or forever be cursed into damnation.

He died on Mount Nebo with the hope that Joshua would continue his mission into saving the Israelites from their damnation.

They would cross the Jordan river marking a memorable feat for mankind, and after seven years of ruling the land, they would settle into a place named Canaan, where the territory was split among 12 tribes.

But the Hebrews would go back to their dark ways, and spent the next 300 years engaging in war.

After years of bloodshed, God would call on Samuel, who would usher the era of kings.

Samuel is the first prophet of Israel. He promised that he would dedicate his life into serving God if God would bless him with a child for his barren wife.

God fulfilled his wish and Samuel would be famous for his teachings. He would end up anointing the first king of Israel, Saul.

The people had longed for a King even though that God was supposed to be their King.

So, God had Samuel anoint Saul, a man with an evil heart to lead the people with evil hearts as well.

Saul spent most of his life hunting David, as he knew David would be the Lord’s anointed successor.

David was God’s rightfully appointed King, and was anointed by Samuel.

David was crowned at Hebron after King Saul died. David was a warrior known for slaying Goliath, and desired to build the Temple but was not allowed because of his violent past.

He would pass on this task to his son, Solomon, the man of peace.

Solomon would build the Temple of Jerusalem. In a dream, Solomon asked God for wisdom to lead God’s people. God gave him wealth and power, and his name was known across the world.

However, Solomon married daughters of other kings, who ended up building statues of false idols and Gods, and brought Israel to its downfall.

A Civil War would breakout dividing the kingdom into two. Israel and Judah.

The two kingdoms would enter a pit of corruption both appointing unworthy Kings further deteriorating their relationship with God.

The Prophets then arrived during the time of the Kings of Judah and Israel.

The Prophets were tasked to bring the people back to God and warned them for their forsaken war and rebellious ways.

And God delivered on his warning, as the Assyrians, an unstoppable army came which led to the fall of Israel.

While the revival of Jerusalem was the result of the eight kings of the southern kingdom, Judah, seeking the lord, the other kings were wicked and corrupt.

The Babylon army would end up conquering Judah leading to its fall. The people were brought to Babylon, the land of idolatry.

Cyrus of Persia conquered Babylon. And he allowed the Jews to return to their homelands and rebuild the cities and temples as long as they pay taxes to the Persian empire.

The first move back to Israel was led by Zerubabbel, descendant of David. They would find Jerusalem plagued with corrupt Jews, Samaritans, living there.

Regardless, they were able to lay the foundations of the new Temple and built an altar to the Lord.

And after exactly 70 years when they were taken captive, the Temple stood tall.

Later on, more Jews, lead by a man named Ezra, returned to Jerusalem. Nehemiah then obtained permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and miraculously did so in just 52 days.

The Temple would be known as The Temple of Zerubbabel or the Second Temple.

It was beautiful, but still significantly smaller than Solomon’s temple.

Eventually, Herod the Great would make the temple even more extravagant that it became a marvel of the ancient world.

Ezra and Nehemiah canonized the books from the Old Testament and they were read aloud to the people with their interpretations.

The Prophet Malachi, warned the people from turning their backs to the Lord, even though they eventually would.

And he claimed, that one day, the Messiah would come, and he will be the one to reunite the Kingdom into peace.

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