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Have you heard about Richard WIlliams, an anthropology major who graduated Magna Cum Laude but had a failed rap career? We’re guessing not. But fun fact, that guy made himself into Prince EA.

5.7 million subscribers enjoy his motivational speaking, spoken word, music, and activism. And it’s hardly surprising. With intense music, beautiful language, creative shots, and fun plot twists, his videos are well worth it.

Now, Prince EA has been YouTubing since 2006. That’s too many videos to watch. So let’s narrow it down a bit. We’re recommending Prince EA’s 5 top videos from 2020. Not to mention our favorite lines, takeaways, and fun facts you can’t get from the videos alone. And while you’re at it, why not channel the Prince’s positivity and like, subscribe, or drop a comment?

5. Flight Attendant Teaches Racist Passenger a Lesson

Okay, the title does kinda say it all. But the video is still very satisfying.

When a racist man repeatedly demands a seat change, the flight attendant politely but promptly kicks him off the plane. Even better, he offers a first class upgrade to the black man who was targeted. The look of confusion on the racist man’s face is priceless. Not to mention a killer line directed at him: “There seems to be a problem with your baggage.” Oo, there’s a punch in the self awareness gut.

Fun fact, similar events allegedly happened for real on Spirit Airlines in the 90’s. When a white woman demanded to be seated away from a black man, the captain took action. He invited the black passenger to first class so he wouldn’t have to quote “sit next to an unpleasant person.” Was the video based off that story?

And as a final bonus, Prince EA looks amazingly dapper in his beret, tie, and vest. Yes, appearances are less important than inner beauty. But we still appreciate his classy look.

4. Before You Catch the Virus – Watch This

We’re not gonna lie, this video did not initially appeal to us. Who wants yet another parade of warnings about Covid-19? But Prince EA comes through with an uplifting spin.

After a minute of the usual fearmongering and hygiene advice, Prince EA drops a reveal. This video is about the F-virus–or fear. Not the Coronavirus.

Under a pandemic, all the hand washing in the world won’t cure those negative feelings. Prince EA reminds us to turn off toxic media, reach out to loved ones, and improve ourselves. And he does it all through engaging and fast-paced spoken word.

Our favorite line: “If you are exposed through the TV, change the damn station.” That lines up perfectly with our fun fact. Or, in this case, not so fun fact.

The human brain is hardwired to gravitate towards negative or scary information. It’s an evolutionary trait called “Negativity Bias” that kept our ancestors alive. By paying more attention to potential danger, our species stayed alive. But as Prince EA points out, this trait is not helping us in a digital age full of constant updates. To survive the modern world, you gotta unplug sometimes.

3. Why This Will Keep Happening 2020

Prince EA narrates most of this video from a prone position on the asphalt. The unconventional angle reminds us about every silenced victim of police brutality.

But the video also shows empathy for the police themselves. Prince EA points out that policemen simply don’t receive enough training or prestige for a difficult job. And people who aren’t suited for the force don’t walk away from it often enough.

Our favorite line is “Do not let the metal of that badge block the energy of your heart.” Sadly, sometimes peer pressure, fear, or a bad boss make it harder to do the right thing.

Fun fact: Prince EA is right that the average hairstylist receives about 1500 hours of training before they get a license. Policemen only go through 976 hours. Maybe some of that 524 hour discrepancy could go to empathy training. We don’t want more names on the heartbreakingly long list at the video’s end.

2. Every Teenager Needs to Hear This (2020)

Technically this video went up in 2019. But the title and wholesome content earn a place on our list.

Prince EA reminds us that popularity doesn’t last. In reality, the coolest people are usually those who care the least about looking cool. Working on yourself and honing what makes you individual go a lot further than trying to become popular.

This video is directed at teenagers, but we think the advice applies to everybody, whether they’re five or fifty. Actually, Prince EA mentions in the description box that he could have used this message during his college years.

And our favorite line? “The fake diamonds are perfect. The real ones have flaws. Real people make mistakes.” Prince EA does know some geology. Diamonds artificially created in a lab are flawless. Natural ones mine from the ground have imperfections, also called inclusions. What a lovely word. Inclusions equal imperfection.

That being said, who needs a literal diamond? Fun fact: The price of diamonds is artificially high thanks to a decades-old monopoly. But Forbes actually fears that millennials are slowly destroying the ethically questionable diamond market. Maybe young people now realize that they can choose less popular but equally pretty stones. A good partner loves their spouse’s individuality.

1. Employee Teaches BOSS a Lesson

And for the top video, Prince EA plays out the ultimate fantasy: Saying what you really think to a mean boss. But Prince EA doesn’t do things by halves–for a short video, he crams in several twists.

An employee lectures a higher up on the difference between a mean boss and a positive leader. And in another display of empathy, the employee acknowledges that his mean boss may have been a good leader at one time. But sometimes we lose our way and slowly become negative people.

The final twist comes when it’s revealed that the employee is actually the company’s founder. In other words, he’s the mean boss’s boss. But instead of firing the obnoxious man, he chooses to educate him on better leadership.

Prince EA acknowledges that we all wanna torch a bully–but ultimately, we should educate them instead. Just look at the mean boss’s thoughtful expression by the end.

And the video includes another goody at the end–a link to a free book “Expert Secrets.” Fun fact, the book’s author started his first online business in college. At 38 years old, he’s got a net worth of 37 million. No wonder Prince EA wanted to collaborate with him.

So there you have it. Of Prince EA’s 270 videos, we did our best to pick our favorite 2020 ones. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out his other stories, music, inspiration, and spoken word. He’s got a lot of positive energy stored up for whenever you need a boost.

We will acknowledge that Prince EA has faced some controversy. For example, he encourages us to shut off social media despite posting a lot himself. But keep something in mind. Even if he’s a little hypocritical, the ideas themselves are pretty solid. He’s not shy about admitting when he’s channeling others’ wisdom. He claims that reading ancient sources like the Tao Te Ching and Bhagavad Gita helped him turn his life around. It looks like he’s trying to pay it forward while making a fun living.

Meanwhile, for more laughs, news, brain teasers, and smiles, check out the rest of our channel. We always have new videos rolling out.

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