Animals SAVING animals – True stories of the WILD

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Welcome to Morrongo TV, for a new amazing episode on animal life.

We humans tend to love animals, but they often seem to not like each other all that much. It is not their fault–a lot of them have to eat each other to survive.

It’s normal, even cool, to see a bear catching salmon or a cat talking mice. We can’t expect anything else out of wild creatures, right? That’s just Mother Nature talking.

But once in a blue moon, an animal stuns us by actually saving another animal, often of a completely different species. These acts of heroism range from mindblowingly improbable to just plain adorable.

You’re going to see some incredible things, including normally mean predators saving the lives of critters that would normally be their prey.

These special animals are really going out of their way to help a complete stranger.

Here are FIVE creatures that demonstrate amazing bravery, smarts, teamwork, or altruism to save their fellow animals.

5. Hippos and the Zebra

Number FIVE is the Hippo Saving the Zebra. Getting a drink can be perilous for zebras because crocodiles lurk in the water hole.

This particular zebra learns this the hard way when a crocodile gets his jaws around our furry friend. But our zebra catches a very lucky break in the form of these hippos.

Why exactly are the hippos ganging up on the crocodile, forcing it to let go of the zebra? Hippos are fairly territorial, so maybe this was just their way of telling the crocodile to get off their turf.

So, the motivation probably wasn’t so altruistic or friendly, but I’m the sure the zebra doesn’t mind. These hippos definitely saved him from being a crocodile’s lunch.

4. Dolphin and the Whales

Number FOUR also makes a splash with the Dolphin and the Whale. We still don’t know exactly how whales get beached, but it does wring our hearts when they’re stuck on land or in too- shallow water.

These particular whales are having a string of bad luck.

Despite human rescuers’ attempts, the mother and her calf get stuck in shallow water four times.

The humans are thinking of giving up when a savvy local dolphin steps in. Or, rather, swims in. The dolphin shows up and guides the two whales through a channel of deeper water that leads them back to the ocean proper.

This particular dolphin has been known to play in the bay with humans, so maybe he just knows the area really well. Or maybe his presence calms the whales down enough to escape on their own. In any case, this dolphin proves that you don’t need brawn to be a savior, just a cool head and a good heart.

3. Cat and the Goldfish

Number THREE takes us to a much smaller body of water with the Cat and the Fish. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: What? Don’t cats love to eat fish?

Well, this feline is happy to make an exception. The cat on the left is ready to dip a paw into the goldfish bowl and catch himself a fish dinner–but the other cat hisses and stops him. Cat Number 1 really wants that meal and tries repeatedly to go fishing, but every time he does, the other cat hisses or even swipes him with his paw. Why exactly is this other house cat defending these pet fish? Does he view them as fishy friends? Or, to be a cynical, is he just saving them for his own dinner, later on? Whether this cat is saving lives or just buying the fish a temporary reprieve, at least they can live to swim a little longer.

2. Lion and the Wildebeest

Number TWO stars a much bigger cat and an even bigger friendship. As a human, I find this wildebeest calf pretty cute. Apparently, this lion agrees, because they appear to be best friends, frolicking and having fun together. And this is not a fair- weather friendship, either.

When a lioness pads over, ready to pounce on the calf, this lion defends his buddy and chases the lioness away.

You gotta wonder what the story is here. Where’s the calf’s mom? Is she okay with her baby consorting with the enemy? Or maybe the wildebeest calf is smarter than we think. Lionesses do most of the hunting for the pride, while the males, like this calf lover, just eat what Mama brings home.

Maybe this lion figures it isn’t his job to hunt calves anyway, so he might as well have fun. Maybe the calf figured this out and knew she could make a handy connection with just the right lion.

In any case, everyone goes home happy except maybe for the hungry lioness.

1. Orangutan and the Bird

We are not monkeying around with Number 1- -well, okay, we kind of are.

The Orangutan and the Bird. These animals normally don’t go together.

One flies in the sky, one swings from the trees. Maybe it’s fitting that they come together in the water. When this poor bird falls into the river and is about to drown, the orangutan really goes above and beyond to save it. He tries multiple methods. First he gently lowers a leaf into the water, waiting for the bird to grab it.

Notice how much intelligence and patience the orangutan is using. The bird, not having opposable thumbs, doesn’t grab onto the leaf. So eventually the orangutan reaches down and delicately lifts the bird out of the water. Look how small the bird is in those giant hands.

It takes some real care to get our feathered friend out gently. And the orangutan doesn’t just walk off, having completed this good deed–he waits around and waits for the bird to recover. This isn’t just going the extra mile–this is a long, patient, well thought-out marathon of kindness.

As we come to the end of our vide, the important takeaway here is that none of these animals have a particularly logical reason for saving each other.

In fact, they’re all going out of their way to do something unusual. Their methods and reasons all differ.

The hippos probably just have a beef with those bullying crocodiles.

The dolphin seems like an all-around nice, friendly soul.

The housecat and the lion? We cannot even guess at the story on that one.

And the orangutan? That’s just a good Samaritan with opposable thumbs and a lot of fur.

If these animals can come up with so many different reasons for being nice, then what about humans?

We’re supposed to be the smartest and most evolved, so why don’t we prove it? If an animal can take the time out of its day to help a complete stranger, then maybe we humans can do it, too.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Morrongo TV and come back for more!

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