HOVER Bikes the next big thing! Are you READY to OWN yours?

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Growing up, how many of us grew up watching Star Wars and didn’t imagine us riding our very own hover bike? Or watching other sci-fi movies, tv shows, and be in complete awe as we see their vehicles floating inches from the ground?

What was once far-fetched imagination has amazingly slithered its way to reality. Hover bikes do exist, they are real, they are fully functional, and only time will tell how they pave their way, to an advanced technological future.

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Today, we will be talking about HOVER BIKES – THE NEXT BIG THING


It all started with this man, Chris Malloy. In 2011, the New Zealand native had relocated to Sydney, Australia, and was primed for big things.

He owned a garage, in which he would spend the next several years working on a prototype hoverbike. His key material would include, carbon fibre, Kevlar, and aluminum with a foam core. With these materials he was able to handcraft the frame around which the bike would be built.

With the help of university students, members of his community, search and rescue personnel, and even the US Army, Malloy successfully crafted an engine for his frame.

Using a twin-propeller, 1170 cc 4-stroke 80 kW engine, Mallow was able to convert his bike into a working bi-copter. Recognizing the potential of this revolutionary product, he formed his own company, Malloy Aeronautics and began to solicit funds to commercialize his idea.

In 2014, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised nearly $80,000 which was double the amount that they had hoped for.

After securing the funds, they began testing the vehicle using both a manned version and a scale model. Eventually, the company realized that shifting to a quadcopter design was in their best interest, as the current bi-copter design with the existing technology was not a cost-efficient plan.

In 2015, along with the collaboration of the United States Defense Department, the Malloy Hoverbike participated in the Paris Airshow.

The company is currently in the final stages of the product’s construction, with its progress being uploaded to their website.

They are also still raising funds via other campaigns, with a goal of having a 1/3rd scale model available for commercial use in the not so distant future.


Malloy Aeronautics aren’t the only kids around the block, as a company called Aerofex, has been developing a hoverbike of their own.

The California-based company had been working on its own prototype since 2012. Within that same year, they were able to release a demonstration video showing the tested prototype successfully performing an aerial demo.

They opted for a design similar to the Hoverbike. Relying on two ducted rotors with carbon fibre blades for liftoff, and a set of handlebar controls for the rider to manipulate the ride’s direction.

It is capable of flying up to 10 feet off the ground, at a speed of 45mph, with a seating capacity of up to two people of 310 pounds combined, and can run for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The product would later be named the “Aero-X”. The Aero-X designed for speed, safety, and reliability. With an emphasis on speed, as it is marketed as the goal of the product is to get to any location fast.

In 2017, the estimated price of the Aero-X was said to be around $85,000. Today, the price is only disclosed for serious buyers who will contact them for purchase via their website.


Hoversurf made their waves in 2015, as they launched their company with the goal of having a Hoverbike that will be marketed and commercialized for public consumption.

In 2017, they released the Scorpion S3. A fully-manned quadcopter that aims to make flying accessible to both professional and amateur navigators.

The electric-powered vessel combines a motorcycle seat with drone technology, enabling speed agility and stability. This hoverbike can propel you up to 60 miles-per-hour at a “safe flight altitude” of 16 feet.

It is also equipped with an advanced safety system powered by state of the art flight controllers, special logical programming, and computer-aided speed and altitude limiting.

The Scorpion S3 is available in the market today, for an enormous price of $150,000. Not exactly accessible to everybody, but those with deep pockets will definitely consider the experience of “flying”.

There have been potential buyers, that can help change the future of transportation as we speak. 6.


The Dubai police have emerged as serious buyers of Hoversurf’s products, looking to integrate hoverbikes into the transportation means of the Dubai police force.

Dubai Police are now being trained to fly Hoversurf’s first production unit hoverbike, which will be called the S4.

The City in the United Arab Emirates prides itself on the futuristic advancement of their society and began talks last year with Hoversurf’s eVTOLS (electrical vertical takeoff and landing vehicles).

By 2021, the Dubai Police hope to deploy hoverbikes to allow officers to reach areas that initially would have been difficult or impossible to gain access to.

It would have started this year, if not for the setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world today.

The Dubai police have documented videos of their officers training in Hoversurf’s eVTOLS as a way of tracking not only the progress of the trainees, but also showing the world the possible transition into using Hoverbikes as a regular means of transportation.

The Dubai Police Force have a well-known reputation of testing out some of the latest technology that transportation has to offer.

Over the years, they’ve experimented with the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, a Ferrari FF, and a Chevrolet Camaro SS.

They’ve also tested different motorcycles such as Yamaha’s R1 and R6. They are now making an even bolder choice choosing to incorporate Hoversurf’s latest technology to their arsenal.

There has been some controversy surrounding the issue however, as a recent video of the Dubai police testing the Hoversurf eVTOL which ended in an accident that could have been more severe for the officer manning the S4.

Despite Hoversurf assuring everyone that the S3 or S4 is safe, we can’t help but wonder how safe is it really to be manning a flying motorcycle. There is also the bigger question at hand.

Are Hoverbikes really needed? Are normal cars simply going obsolete? Sure, technology has proven that Hoverbikes are a real thing, and will definitely be an option for people right now, and in the future. But is it really necessary? Or are we just playing with our vanity?

Only time will tell, while the world has bigger things to deal with as we are all aware of. But make no mistake, Hoverbikes are here, and won’t be going away anytime soon.

What do you feel about society potentially opting for Hoverbikes as a normal mode of transportation? Drop a comment below, letting us know how you feel.

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