Top 7 SLEEP videos with ASMR to HELP you calm your mind

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If you’re having trouble getting some sleep, it appears that one of the most effective and immediate solutions might be just literally within your reach — on your gadgets, to be exact.

One trend that’s been making waves over the Internet these past few years is the ASMR videos.

Countless people have claimed that these videos enable them to sleep better at night because of its relaxing and crisp sound that relaxes their senses.

ASMR videos focus on the crisp sounds of everyday things that are usually ignored by most people, and these sounds, they claim, help soothe people’s senses that enable them to sleep better at night.

And that is one of the most surprising things about ASMR videos, that its various and highly satisfying sounds come from the most ordinary objects we used to ignore every day.

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” and according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, it refers to the “tingly feeling” that travels from the head downward that some experience in response to certain sounds, feelings, or descriptions. These can include soft whispering, crinkling paper, or a gentle touch.

We admit that these videos are truly satisfying and relaxing as they magnify the crisp and satisfying sounds of everyday objects, to satisfy the senses of its viewers and listeners.

With this, we’ve combed YouTube of the best ASMR videos that can help you soothe your senses and give you your most-deserved price of the day: A satisfying sleep.

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Now, it’s time to hop on your beds as we help you search for the best videos that can help you spoil your ears, throw away that heavy baggage on your head, and have that most relaxing sleep ever.

At Number 7, Styrofoam Models Being Cut By a Thermal Knife

Ok, we admit, we saw a lot of eyebrows raised on this one.

When one needs to relax or needs to get some sleep, words like Styrofoam and, god forbid, a thermal knife would probably be light years away from someone’s mind.

But what’s great about ASMR videos is that it surprises its viewers by proving that these things are indeed effective in helping people achieve a better sleep. They don’t even have to claim the idea because people just have to see it for themselves.

Just like in this video where various Styrofoam models are slowly cut in half or in several pieces by a thermal knife.

Aside from the Styrofoam models and the thermal knife, one of the most important things to take note here, and for the following ASMR videos in the list today, is the crystal clear sounds of the objects being used in every video.

ASMR content creators make it a point to intensely focus on getting the clearest sound on the objects they are using in each video because this is where the magic of ASMR lies.

Poor audio quality makes ASMR videos useless, so content creators wouldn’t want the risk of letting their ASMR videos fly on the web without making sure that it has quality audio that people would truly enjoy.

Since ASMR is a trend that keeps on rising these past few years, competition is getting fiercer to make the most satisfying ASMR videos on the web, which benefits viewers in the end.

In the StyroFoam video, we can clearly hear the video’s high-quality audio as we hear the crisp sound of the smooth slicing of each Styrofoam model.

It is also satisfying to see how these Styrofoam models are being cut like soft butter because of the thermal cutter’s really high temperature.

This video focuses not only on the sound of the slicing of objects. It also focuses on the crisp and gooey sound of the Styrofoam models when they are separated from each other after being cut by the thermal cutter.

These are truly satisfying, and it can be most appreciated when your speaker or headphone is in a high volume, which turns the sounds into an almost tangible object, and if you feel that it’s a bit of an exaggeration, then it’s better to see it for yourself.

This is an 18-minute video that satisfies its viewers with various Styrofoam shapes being cut by a thermal cutter. The StyroFoam models come in a lot of shapes like banana, frog, train, cupcakes, hand, car, corn, black cat, mushroom, turtle, carrot, yellow bird, red apple, purple and green ball, and pear.

From cutting these poor Styrofoam models, it’s now time to head inside the warm atmosphere of the wood cabin, but not to warm our bodies, but to warm our senses with the crisp and satisfying sounds that can be found inside it.

At Number 6 , Relaxing Sound of Objects in a Wood Cabin

The warmth of a wood cabin might be the perfect way for someone to sleep in no time, but since finding the nearest wooden cabin might be a hassle, and not to mention, a bit pricey, you can still enjoy its heaven-like satisfaction through an ASMR video.

Yes, with the diversity of ASMR videos today, it’s not a weird thing to find even a wood cabin version of it.

In fact, almost every object that you can think of already has its own ASMR videos.

The videos are so diverse today that ASMR became the ‘Google’ of satisfying videos where most people run into.

Also, even though these videos focus on the crispness of its sounds, it doesn’t compromise on its video quality as it also feasts its viewers’ eyes with stunning and satisfying visuals.

For this cabin video, it introduces us to the nostalgic sound of a fireplace, and a good speaker or headphones would surely bring the warmth of a real fireplace in anyone’s room in no time because of the crispness of its sounds.

Another good thing about this video is that the product they promote doesn’t annoy or bore its viewers because they integrate the product inside the video in a very creative way.

For this video, the main product they are promoting is a certain brand of a blanket, but instead of babbling about its endless benefits, they instead made it a part of their ASMR video by highlighting the crisp sounds that the product produce, from the packaging, the zippers of its packaging, and on the blanket itself.

The video also made it a point to show one of the most relaxing things that one can do inside a wood cabin: to read a book while lying in bed. It’s a detail that wasn’t left behind by this video as it highlighted the crisp sound that can be heard with every flipping of the book’s pages.

One other satisfying sound that this video provides is the sound of the hot tea being poured into a cup; it is so crisp and crystal clear that you can almost feel that the hot tea is being poured somewhere in your ears. Again, it’s not an exaggeration, and you may try it for yourself.

This kind of audio quality is the reason why ASMR videos established a strong following on the web because it is truly satisfying that viewers can’t help but ask for more.

The warmth and crisp sounds that can be found inside the wood cabin are truly satisfying, but we’re afraid that it’s not yet bedtime as we need to transport back in time with this next ASMR video.

Let us go back in your childhood days with …

Number 5, The Satisfying Sound of the Unpoppable Bubble

One’s childhood may not be complete without playing with Unpoppable Bubbles.

Unpoppable bubbles work like a bubble wand, where you need to dip a wand in a soap solution and blow it to make bubbles.

But unpoppable bubbles are a bit different. Instead of a soap solution, a gooey content is packaged inside a small tube with a small, short and thin hard plastic straw beside it. One needs to press the gooey content around the tip of the plastic straw and blow air on its bottom tip to make this gooey content a big plastic-like bubble.

And since ASMR videos always surprise its loyal viewers, no one has ever suspected that this toy we used to play in our childhood would be very useful later in our lives.

It turns out that the role of unpoppable bubbles doesn’t end in our childhood.

The sound produced by touching the surface of unpoppable bubbles is surprisingly satisfying that we can’t resist repeating the videos several more times before going to sleep.

Also, one great thing about this video is the woman’s calming voice, the whispering voice to be exact, as it helps to set the mood in your sleep. The lullaby-like voice combined with satisfying sounds produced from the unpoppable bubbles perfectly “conspires” with each other to bring its viewers to a satisfying sleep.

After playing with plastic bubbles, it’s now time to play with paint brushes and paints as this next ASMR video brings feast not only on our ears but also on our eyes!

At Number 4, The Satisfying Sights and Sounds of Paintbrush and Paint Mixtures!

One of the first things that viewers praise about this video is the crystal clear visuals of the paints here.

Their shine, their blob-like appearance, and their gooeyness are all feast for the eyes that would surely keep anyone glued to their screens until the end of the video.

Another satisfying visual that this ASMR video produced is the heavenly appearance of paints when they are mixed with each other that even non-painters like most of us would surely appreciate.

It is SO gooey that some viewers even commented that they almost want to taste this gooey paint mixed in front of them.

But of course, the sounds were not left behind as the sound of the brush, both when it is dry and swamped with paint are oh-so satisfying for the senses.

Also, the materials where the paints are mixed are carefully chosen materials that produce additional satisfying sounds when paints are being mixed.

No possible sound was left behind in this ASMR video that even the sound of the paint bottles and the sound of the paint palette were also highlighted to make the most of the wonderful sounds that can be tapped on painting materials.

As with any ASMR videos, everyone would surely hit that replay button over and over again, because, with ASMR videos, single viewing isn’t just enough. It’s.. not .. enough.

After enjoying the magic of paintbrush and paints, it’s now time to explore another unusual object where one can find relaxation …

At Number 3, Glass Tapping

Glass is another object that one wouldn’t initially seek when it comes to relaxation, but as this ASMR video shows, it turns out that glass has been holding a hidden power for a very long time in soothing people’s senses, a power waiting to be discovered.

This video is filled with lots of aesthetically appealing glasswares, but aside from their beauty, they also produce beautiful and soothing sounds, that’s why this 1-hour video appears to be too short with all its satisfying visuals and sounds.

With a good speaker or a headphone, anyone’s room can turn into an instant paradise of relaxing sounds filled with various sounds of glass tappings.

It is so absorbing that one would really lose track of time, and the next thing they would know, the video would be over.

But that would not be a problem; of course, as they can always tap that replay button for another hour of glass tapping paradise.

Don’t worry if this video lacks any whispering voice in the background, as this ASMR video is still relaxing, soothing, and most of all, satisfying for everyone.

Glass has been getting all the attention so far, so it’s now time to know if wood has what it takes to compete with the sound prowess that glass can make …

At Number 2 The Crisp Sound of Woods

ASMR videos have been gaining more and more following these past few years that high-end brands are more than willing to test their powers and see if they are great tools for advertising.

But even though ASMR content creators welcome these opportunities, it is obvious that their top priority is still their loyal followers.

As everyone can see in their videos with featured products, they are really careful not to make these ads bothersome and irritating so they artfully include it in the ASMR beauty so their followers can still enjoy their videos.

It’s a win-win-win situation where their followers are happy, the brands are happy, which would surely make the content creators HAPPY and would encourage them to create more captivating contents.

One of the brands that came to the ASMR doors is the Jord brand, designer of wood watches, sunglasses, Apple Watch Bands, and handbags made from natural & reclaimed materials.

For this episode, they’ve let a YouTube Channel called ‘ASMR Surge’ to have a feel of one of its products: a very beautiful wood and metal watch, and use it to satisfy its growing soothe-seeking subscribers.

This was a very good advertising move as viewers can see Jord’s captivating and intricate packaging upclose that would surely impress anyone even before wearing the watch.

All the packaging included in its wooden box, including the wooden box itself, were all artfully used to produce soothing sounds for its viewers.

The great visuals are already provided by the brand because its packaging and its watch are all oh-so-beautiful.

After satisfying its viewers with the brand’s great product and its great sound, this episode also tried various wood products with varying and beautiful sounds.

Since wood comes from nature, it is not hard to think why it can create a deep connection with us. Also, it not only reminds us of the calming effect that nature can provide but also the importance of connecting with nature again.

Feeling hungry with our ASMR walkthrough? Whew! It’s a good thing that we can now move on to our next soothing ASMR video.

Hint: It would satisfy not only your eyes and ears, but also your stomachs, too!

At Number 1, ASMR Pillow Mousse Cake

Yes, the purpose of ASMR videos is not to make its viewers hungry, but with this video, viewers just can’t help but crave, not only on the visuals and sounds of this pillow mousse cake, but also to find out how delicious it is.

Closing one’s eyes doesn’t help because with its crystal clear sounds, it’s mouth-watering visuals would surely slip on one’s mind making its helpless viewers bid to the whims of their stomachs.

Since ASMR videos are usually watched at midnight, it’s a satisfying ‘quote-unquote’ torture for viewers to wait for another day just to buy this heavenly food and spend the whole night craving for it.

The crunchy sounds that these cakes produce whenever it is being chewed and being sliced by a fork would surely drive everyone crazy because it is oh-so-satisfying.

One more thing to point out here is the content creator’s shirt, which is mint green, which complements the pillow mouse cake’s color and adds great visual to the video.

The content creator seems happy with her viewers’ dilemma as she happily shows her bite marks on these heavenly little cakes. Talk about mocking!

Surely, this would keep viewers awake all night instead of making them asleep! ‘Kidding!

As with all ASMR videos, this video didn’t leave any details unturned as both its visuals and sounds are truly satisfying.

But the cake really grabbed the spotlight here. Oh my.

Satisfied with these great ASMR videos? Great!

These are helpful contents that’ve been generously provided by various people in different parts of the world to help us find that satisfying sleep we’ve been searching for.

Sleep is crucial to our survival (and our sanity!), so it’s important that we seek ways to have a satisfying sleep that can refresh our minds and senses.

After all, it’s great to live our waking lives every day with a complete and satisfying sleep, right?

So these ASMR videos are great tools that we can use to achieve these things.

From our list of ASMR videos in this episode, what would be the first video that would you try tonight? Let us know in the comments.

Also, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the notification bell to get updated with our videos.

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