Top 7 UDY Gold DIGGERS videos and WHY you should watch them

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UDY is a YouTube Channel that has been gaining steam throughout the years with their unique, hilarious but surprisingly meaningful episodes. It was the brainchild of Sergio Mejia, a content creator, and also responsible for the channel’s famous “Gold Digger” prank videos.

UDY, which stands for Underrated Distinct Young aims to bring underrated and distinct contents for people all over the world — a claim in which they have really fulfilled, and are still fulfilling.

Currently, the UDY channel has 5 million-strong subscribers and a lot of people are hooked on watching the channel’s Gold Digger pranks where they set up elaborate “traps” to determine whether a woman or a man is really a Gold Digger.

And because no one would never ever admit that he or she is a gold digger nor would they admit it to themselves, Sergio and his team always cook up believable “traps” such as baiting their targets with flashy lifestyles like mansions and flashy cars.

These expensive pads and autos are indeed real (which they are only borrowing, of course)

In every test, there would always be a decoy who would test the subject’s loyalty to their partners.

Sergio and his team always want to know if the flashy and rich image of their decoy would convince the subjects to give their phone numbers and go out on a date with them, which would reveal their hidden sinister side of being a .. Gold Digger.

Get ready to throw your rotten tomatoes as we reveal these gold diggers for today, but before we continue, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the notification bell to get updated with our videos.

Now, it’s time to hunt for some gold! (or should we say … Gold Diggers?)

At Number 7. A Gold Digger Test Ends Up In A Major Fist Fight!

For this episode, Sergio and his team are going to put Tommy’s friend George to a gold digger test. This time, it’s not about putting someone’s fidelity to the test.

Here, Tommy wants to find out if his friend, or rather his ex-friend, is telling the whole truth about his life’s painful moments.

So here’s their background story. Tommy and George were former coworkers and friends, but soon,

Tommy found a better job and left for another company, and a month after leaving, Tommy received a message from George asking for his help.

George claims that he got entangled with a lot of misfortunes like losing his job, having no money and being homeless. And with the instincts of a friend, Tommy immediately helped George by offering him to stay in his house.

George then turned it down (giving an excuse that he doesn’t want to be a burden on his house). Instead, he asked Tommy if he could borrow $500, which Tommy immediately gave because he really wishes his friend to get back on his feet.

Tommy’s not expecting to get his money back, but he was satisfied that, at least, he provided something that could help his friend.

But after only four months, Tommy has just received a message again from George, asking him if he could borrow some money again as he was entangled again with a lot of bills.

This time, Tommy was a little reluctant, but since he wants to help his friend, he decided to loan him $400, which means that, this time, the money that he will provide must be paid back. Tommy was so kind that he even set up a GoFundMe account for George so somebody could also provide him with his needs.

Then someone, a woman who does not want to be recognized, warned Tommy that George is nothing but a big conman, that he is fooling a lot of people by providing false, pity and dramatic stories so that he can ask money from them.

This woman knows what she is talking about because it was a trick that was also done to her by George and to the other people she knows.

Tommy is confused and doesn’t want to judge George immediately, but he really wants to get to the bottom of things and find the truth, that’s why Sergio and his team came to the rescue.

This time, there were no flashy cars and flashy mansions involved. For this episode, the team would be using a decoy named Fonti, and he would pretend to be a rich Instagram star and a popular social media influencer that wants to help a lucky person so he can extend the blessings that he is receiving from his career.

This is a nice cover story, but to make it more believable, the team, aside from making an actual Instagram account, even purchased fake followers online to make Fonti’s Instagram as authentic as possible.

Now that the location, Fonti’s cover story, and the money is ready, it’s now time to call their target for the day.

Fonti then made a call to George, deploying his cover story, and informed him that he was the lucky guy he picked as the recipient of his $5000 cash. As expected, George was baffled by this sudden call and a sudden windfall of cash.

When asked where Fonti got his number; he quickly deployed their well-prepared excuse that his phone number was given by someone when Fonti asked his Instagram followers to post the phone number of a person they know that is really in need.

This seemed to be believable for George and agreed to meet Fonti in a park near George’s house.

As the two men finally met at the park, the Phase 1 of the test has officially begun.

The aim of this phase is for Fonti to know George’s background, offer him $5,000 and give him some money so he can buy something for himself while Fonti withdraws his, quote-unquote, $5,000 cash from the bank.

The team wants to know if the story that he will provide to Fonti will match with those that he provided to Tommy.

When Fonti asked George of his background story, here are the things that George said: that he was a foster child, that his foster father has passed away from cancer, and his foster mother suffers now from heart failure, and on top of these things, he was homeless!

As Tommy was closely monitoring the conversation on the far side of the park, he confirmed that all these things matched up to what George had told him — but except on the part where his dad died.

At this point, everybody can still give George the benefit of the doubt, but wait till you see as the stink inside this man gradually flows out until it becomes an unbearable toxic for everyone.

Phase 1 is now officially complete, and it’s now time for Phase 2. Fonti said that he would first withdraw his $5,000 from the bank, and he provided $340 REAL cash on George so he can buy something for himself while waiting for him.

He then called an Uber driver so George wouldn’t have any hassle going around to where he wants to go, and of course, the legendary Uber driver in this test would be … Sergio himself.

Fonti then gave Sergio’ a.k.a’, ‘The Good Uber Driver’ $200 so he could be George’s personal driver for a whole day. Fonti provided the $200 so George could spend the $340 all for himself. George is obviously far from being suspicious and simply believed that everything was true, and that this day was simply just his lucky day.

Their first stop was in a Chipotle restaurant.

While they were going to their first location, Sergio was shocked because George has unexpectedly dropped a bombshell that he didn’ expect. He didn’t expect that his small talk with George is all it takes to confirm that he was nothing but a cold-blooded conman!

While having a small talk, Sergio casually asked George what he was doing for a living, and he said that he is working for his dad’s construction company — which is light years away from what he said with Fonti moments ago!

For Sergio, there’s no need for the next phase to confirm George’s dishonesty because it was all over, but yes, the show must go on.

After George had a nice meal on their first stop, he decided to go to a nearby mall so he can buy some nice clothes for himself. And this is where the next test would begin.

One of Sergio’s team would pretend as a staff of a game show and would ask George to fill up a survey form.

The survey form is filled with silly questions to make it realistic that it would be used for a gameshow.

At the end of the survey, the quote-unquote staff of the game show would then ask for some personal information about George. When he was asked what he was doing for a living and how much he earns, he said that he was a construction worker who earns $40,000 plus bonuses and benefits!

Oh my!

Sergio’s team, including Tommy, are scrimping on their backs as they hear these monumental lies that George dishes out.

And for the final part of the test, George and Sergio would have to go to the park so Fonti, the famous Instagramer, could personally give the $5,000 to George.

For this final phase, they would test if George has any sincerity to pay Tommy back of the money he owes to him. It might sound pretty hard, but it was all figured out by Sergio’s team.

As Fonti met George again, Fonti said that he’s now ready to hand out the $5,000 cash to George, but before giving it to him, he said that he really wants to make sure that the money would be spent appropriately.

He then advised George of paying all his outstanding debts first, what came next is the most important question that everybody has been waiting for.

Fonti asked George if there is somebody he owed money to, and .. he casually said none, to the horror of Tommy on the other side of the park. George’s answer confirmed that he doesn’t have any intentions of paying Tommy back.

At this point in the challenge, it’s clear beyond any reasonable doubt that George is nothing but a big conman!

Fonti then handed out his cash and quickly stashed it to George’s pocket so he won’t have any time to look at it closely, because this time, the cash that he had handed out was fake.

Phase 3 and the whole test is now officially over.

The team now marched to where George and Fonti is seating, together with the fuming Tommy, of course.

It was soon revealed to George that this whole thing was a setup and just a test to see if he is really telling the truth, and more importantly, if he has any real intentions of paying Tommy back.

Tommy then confronted George about his big lies and his con acts. It was such a heated argument that it reached in a short fistfight, and Fonti was even involved with it, but the team, fortunately, stopped a full-blown fight from taking place.

This was the most intense part of the episode and revealed George’s full as*h*le glory.

In the end, George didn’t pay Tommy at all and ran away while cursing the whole team.

But the mission was a success, conforming in every angle that George is a monumental conman. But unfortunately, Tommy wasn’t paid back by George at all. But it was a lesson that we would never forget.

After exposing a big-time conman, it’s now time to expose a con … woman?

At Number 6. It’s Now Time To Expose A Girl Who’s Faking Her Pregnancy!

For this episode, a guy named Matthew wants to put her girlfriend to the test to know if she is a gold digger or not, but above all, to determine if her pregnancy is really true.

According to Matthew, his girlfriend, Jessica, has been claiming that she is already pregnant for the past month, but when he asks for some proofs, her girlfriend can’t show any.

That’s when Matthew started becoming suspicious of Jessica, but he wants to get to the bottom of things and confirm everything with his own eyes and ears.

So, it’s up to Sergio and his team to lay down some nice traps and catch another gold digger for that day.

For this straightforward test, here is the scenario: Matthew and Jessica would have a short chat in the park, and as usual, the man, in this case, Matthew, has to make some excuse and exit on the scene so Sergio could come in and test Jessica.

Sergio would play as a decoy and would offer Jessica shiny and expensive items such as Michael Kors, Apple Watch, iPhone 7, Beats Headphone and Flip 3 Bluetooth Speakers.

Jessica would expectedly ask where he got all these items, and since this is a well-planned trap, he gave his cover story as a soccer player from South America who was just visiting some relatives in the United States and explained that all the items were all his sponsors that’s why he got it all for free.

He also explained that he wanted to give these items to Jessica because he wants to extend his blessings and because he was such a beautiful girl.

Jessica’s suspicions quickly dissolved and happily accepted Sergio’s offer.

Sergio wasted no time and quickly asked Jessica if she can go out for a date with him and asked for her number, and after a few minutes of a.ka ‘Sergio Smooth Tactics’, Jessica gave in and finally said yes.

Matthew, who closely monitors their conversation inside a gym, was obviously disappointed. It was a heartbreaking moment for him.

The test was done, and the results are clear, it’s now time for Sergio and the team to reveal that it was all a setup.

The whole team walked towards the spot where Jessica is sitting, together with Matthew, and the heated argument had begun.

Matthew then confronted Jessica about what she did regarding her approval of dating out someone else and giving out her phone number to a total stranger, and what it says about her loyalty.

But most importantly, Matthew asked about the authenticity of Jessica’s pregnancy, in which she was caught flat-footed. She insists on being pregnant while not being able to lay down any proofs about its authenticity.

When pressured to tell some proofs, Jessica walked away (minus the bag full of expensive stuff, of course), giving no clear settlement on the argument.

This test confirmed her true, inner character, but most importantly, it confirmed that her pregnancy claims were all but a big big Gold Digger lie!

For this next one, let us see if a Lamborghini is all it takes to unmask this gold digger!

At Number 5. A Test For a Woman If She Would Trade His Boyfriend for Lamborghini and a Flashy House

For this episode, Sergio and his team used an ultra tempting bait that might prove to be too tempting for their subject to resist.

Their major flashy baits here are the Lamborghini 2019 Huracan, the Hollywood Hills mansion, and their decoy who manages a, quote-unquote, real estate business.

The main man here is Justine who works as a comedian and has done a series of successful gigs, and he wants to find out if his girlfriend, Mary, is loyal to him or just a plain gold digger.

Also, there’s a bit of an evil side with this test as Justin is also doing it so if Mary has failed in this test, he can have something against her, which would be a perfect excuse to hop on with another girl he is also seeing.

In other words, he is actually hoping for Mary to fail in this test.

The plot here is Justin would be invited to a mansion to talk with two clients (which is Sergio and his decoy).

One of their initial aims is to clearly show to Mary that Justin is dealing with ultra-rich people, that’s why they’ve really made a point to do it on a mansion, with a parking lot filled with expensive cars like Tesla and Lamborghini.

They want to see if Mary would agree to go out on a date with someone she just saw that day.

A lot might suspect that is nearly impossible but, wait ’till the team’s decoy started to deploy his arsenal of weapons.

Inside the mansion, the four people finally got to meet each other, Justin, her girlfriend Mary, Sergio and his decoy slash accomplice.

The three performed a believable stunt talking about quote-unquote, business matters, which is really aimed to convince Mary that this whole thing is not part of a test, which in truth is, it really is.

One of the main goals here is to leave Mary and the decoy so the test can move on with its next step.

Sergio and Justin then found an excuse to leave the two together for a moment by checking out a venue where Justin would perform, which, according to Sergio, is ust down the streets. He assured them that they would only be gone for around 20 minutes and promised to be back as soon as possible.

The excuse was perfect and watertight so the test can now move on with its next phase. Sergio and Justin need to go back to the mansion so they can monitor what would happen next between Mary and the decoy, and of course, they’ve already figured out how to do it.

Mr Decoy then asked Mary to shoot some photos of him outside the house so he can upload something on his Instagram. As they go out, Sergio and Justin sneak in and hid into a room, so they can clearly hear the conversation between Mr Decoy and Mary.

After shooting a couple of photos outside the house, Mr Decoy and Mary got inside to the house again, and this is where Mr Decoy would deploy his smooth moves with Mary.

After showing off how wealthy he was, including his flashy cars and real estate background, he then floated the idea if it’s possible if he can go out on a date with Mary.

Mary then said that she and Justine weren’t actually officially dating but just … talking. Nobody’s sure where she got this lame excuse but, yes she did, which gives her an excuse to date Mr Decoy.

Well, in the end, having been aware that all these things were just a setup and nothing but a big test, Mary said that he didn’t decide to date Mr Decoy after seeing and knowing how rich he was.

Give us a break.

For this next one, is it possible that a pretending woman would throw out all the cautions in the window just by meeting a lottery winner?

At Number 4 Would This Next Woman Cheat On His Boyfriend Because of a Lottery Winner?

For this episode, the man who would be putting her girlfriend to the Gold Digger test is a man named Phil, a songwriter and a budding professional singer.

Her girlfriend’s name is Gia, who’s taking a communications course, and according to Phil, is a very sweet girl — and let’s see if he can still say that after doing their Gold Digger test.

The test, which is of course hatched by Sergio and his Team, would be simple. They want to see if Gia would give her phone number to a complete stranger (which is a lottery winner) and agree to go out with him.

Of course, who else would be the perfect man to play as an energetic lottery winner than … Sergio himself!

The test would be done in a park where Phil and Gia would set up a birthday party for Phil’s nephew, little did Gia know that this park is the place where her loyalty to Phil (or the lack of it) would be proved.

Now that they are both there at the park busy setting up the party, the next phase would be Sergio entering the scene and talking to Gia. So Phil needs to make an unsuspicious exit by pretending to forget the tape to be used on the balloons (which he intentionally left on the car).

Now that Phil has smoothly left the scene, it’s time for Sergio to enter the scene. He then greeted Gia and dropped his usual babbles, niceties, and compliments. Then he deployed the biggest bait of the test: he said that he recently won a lottery and even proved it by showing loads of money to prevent her from becoming suspicious.

Whenever Sergio is showing tons of money, it is usually fake, that’s why he always has the audacity to mindlessly throw off these piles of cash in the air. The dollars they are using are almost real, and nobody would expect that they are fake without having a closer look at them.

Then after Sergio finished with his cover story and showing off, he then asked Gia if she would be willing to go out with him for a date. Phil was closely listening to the conversation on a faraway spot in the park, and one of the most heartbreaking parts of the test fell right on his head: Gia agreed to give her number to Sergio and … agreed to go out with him.

Phil was obviously teary-eyed and extremely sad, but can’t do anything to change the situation. He can’t believe that it only took a stranger who supposedly won a lottery for Gia to cheat on him.

As Sergio left the park, he called Gia to make sure that she’s really willing to go out with him and not just forced to do so, and to Phil’s further agony, she said … Yes.

Then, as the whole test was officially finished, it’s time for the Team (and Phil) to go to the park and tell Gia that the whole thing was just a test.

Phil confronted Gia about the incident, and she obviously became defensive and dropped her own bombshell telling that she and Phil are technically on a “break” status right now, and that is her reason for saying to Sergio.

It’s a reason that everybody would quickly reject, stomp, and even trash.

If not for Sergio’s lottery money claim and the raining cash, she would not probably entertain Sergio, much less agree to give her number and go out on a date with him.

Certainly, you deserve someone better, Phil.

Somebody contains these diggers! They are on the loose as they can be seen everywhere just like with this next episode!

At Number 3. Another Gold Digger On The Loose! Somebody Catch ‘Em!

For this episode, the man who would put his girl to the Gold Digger test is Muba.

Muba admitted that one of the reasons why he cannot maintain a stable relationship is because of his habit of spoiling his girls up front, and whenever he stops showering them with gifts, they always start growing cold on him, which usually ends in a breakup.

Now, Muba wants to test if the girl she’s currently seeing is the real deal or just a plain old gold digger.

Her name is Isabella, a 24-year-old Latina nurse, who, according to Muba, is also flirty.

Muba and Sergio’s Team wants to know if Isabella would end up giving her phone number to a stranger with a bag full of money.

Sergio has probably done one of the weirdest stunts in all his UDY episodes as he agreed to be literally strapped with an electric tape in a wooden post. He aims to wait for the Latina to come across him and help him with his literally sticky situation.

And, indeed, Isabella came across on him and was so shocked at what she saw. After all, it’s not every day that someone would come across a man who is strapped on a post!

Sergio then asked for her favour to help him escape from the wooden post.

Asked how he ended up in that situation, Sergio said that some goons tried to steal his money, and when he refused to give it, they instead strapped him on that wooden post.

Sergio then asked for Isabella’s help to find his bag full of money, and when she found it, she was obviously amazed at all the money that she saw. He then claimed that it came from a lottery win.

Now that the “show-off” stage is done, it’s now time for some smooth ‘Sergio Move’. He asked Isabella if she can go out with him for a date, and he even added that he is willing to spend those piles of money in the bag so that they can have a happy and flashy date.

The offer was too tempting, at least for a Gold Digger. Eventually, Isabella said … Yes!

Sergio then pointed out a shiny stuff on the grass, and asked Isabella if she could take a look at it, and guess what she saw? A glittering golden … big shovel!

“What do you think it is?” Sergio said? “It’s a Golden Digger!” “A Gold … Digger!”

Isabella quickly got the point of the whole thing and immediately threw the big shovel and left Sergio tightly strapped on the post!

Sergio admitted at the end of the video that he made some mistakes in deploying the mission, but as everybody can see how Isabella quickly gave in, knowing that Sergio has a lot of money, is a CLEAR give away of what kind of girl she is.

For the next episode, see how the tables have turned against Sergio, and why he was caught off guard by the result of his prank!

At Number 2. What If The Subject Of The Test Figured Out That It Was All Just A Test? Trouble!

Sergio is used to outsmarting his subjects on all his episodes, but this episode surprisingly turned the tables against him.

The man, or in Sergio’s speak, the “Homie” of this episode is a man named “Danny” and wants to place his girlfriend, named Korea, to the Gold Digger test.

Danny is 20 years old and dreaming of becoming a Hollywood Star someday.

Danny and Korea have been dating for a couple of months, but deep inside Danny, there is a growing vine of doubts that makes him doubt about the trueness of their relationship.

He also suspects that Korea is already interested in another man as she keeps on ignoring his text messages and turning down their scheduled dates recently.

And so, to make things a lot more clearer for Danny, the test aims to know if Korea is indeed loyal to him by testing her if she would go out on a date with someone who has a lot of money.

For this episode, as Sergio would pretend to be somebody for the nth time, he would pretend as a merchandise owner (which, by the way, is true) and is looking for a model for his TShirts, which are actual clothes from their UDY Merchandise.

He approached Korea after Danny had left for a moment.

After Sergio deployed his usual smooth moves, she finally convinced Korea to give her number. As for modelling for the t-shirts, Sergio didn’t get a definite answer, but it appears that Korea could almost say yes.

At this point, Korea was already given the idea of how rich Sergio was by seeing his gorgeous BMW i8 when he helped Sergio put the box he is carrying to his car.

One of the funniest parts of this video is when Sergio slipped on a fatal mistake by mentioning Korea’s name when he called her on the phone.

Since he wasn’t able to ask for Korea’s name when they met, Korea would surely become suspicious of how Sergio was able to know her name, luckily, Korea didn’t notice it.

Sergio called back to ask her for her name and to confirm if she would be willing to model for his T-shirts or not, and this time, Korea gave a definite … YES.

Now, the next phase is ready to be deployed.

As Sergio and Korea were already in a quote-unquote photo studio, Korea started wearing Sergio’s different merchandise T Shirts. Fortunately, the photoshoot went well.

It was now time for Sergio’s to show off by offering $100 for each shirt that Korea wore for the photo shoot, and this is where the test becomes more interesting because the next thing that happens is something that Sergio and his Team didn’t expect: Korea has recognized him as the “UDY” guy!

Korea even showed, right in his face, their UDY videos on her phone!

And the worst part of this problem is both Sergio and his Team haven’t prepared for an escape route for this scenario.

Sergio tried with all his might and power to convince Korea that this whole thing wasn’t a setup, and no matter how hard he tried, he failed in the end and was forced to confess and bring Danny in.

This was the most emotional part of the episode as Danny and Korea finally met and confronted each other. One one side, Danny complains about Korea’s sudden coldness, and on the other side, Korea defends herself and says that she was just too busy because she juggles both her studies and her work.

The confrontation heated up so much that Sergio and his Team decided to leave the two alone to settle things on their own. After a few moments, the Team returned to the room and were happy to see that the couple were obviously okay again.

It became a sweet ending for the two.

While this one ended up in a sweet ending, this next prank ended up someone being physically hurt by the no less than the gold digger herself! Oh My!

At Number 1. It’s Time for Someone To Put His Friend’s Girlfriend To The Gold Digger Test!

The new, quote-unquote, client for this episode is named Ishmael, but he’s here, not to put his girlfriend to the Gold Digger test, but his friend’s girlfriend.

His friend Edgar is too shy to face the camera, so he would instead substitute for his friend.

He is doing this for his friend because he believes that Edgar deserves something better, and most of all, Ishmael really suspects that Jennifer, Edgar’s girlfriend, is really a Gold Digger.

But what better way to find out if it’s really true or not by starting the test itself!

For this test, Sergio would play (yet again) as a decoy and would pretend as a popular movie actor.

As everything was already set up, Ishmael then brought Jessica to the pre-selected location. It became possible for both of them to come together because it was intended as a preparation for Edgar’s birthday.

As Jessica and Ismael were chatting, Ishmael made an excuse so he could exit the scene and give Sergio an opportunity to show himself to Jessica.

Sergio eventually showed up, and to get things started; he asked Jessica if she could lend him some spare change. Jessica then volunteered to get some on his car, in which the gentleman Sergio quickly turned down.

And this is where his smooth moves have started.

But as everybody can see, his initial attempts to impress Jessica were a total failure. By calling Jessica as a hot version of Kim Kardashian, Jessica instead was insulted and shooed away Sergio.

He quickly failed on two major things: to get Jessica’s number and convince her to go out with him for a date. Jessica even insisted that he has a boyfriend so she can’t do that, which is an impressive response from her.

For the loyal subscribers of UDY, they are well aware that Sergio wouldn’t be put down quickly with this kind of setback. He tried to apologize and explained himself when the next step of the plan was quickly deployed.

Not far from them is a man who tries to chase Sergio and frantically dresses him up, and a few meters away from them is a cool and expensive-looking car, which they made sure that Jessica would clearly see.

Asking what this is all about, Sergio explained that he is a movie actor who’s about to receive a reward for his movie.

While his quote-unquote, head of security were trying to drag him to the car, Sergio insisted on saying goodbye to Jessica, and since he was in a hurry, he made a last attempt to get Jessica’s phone number and ask her if she could accompany him to the party.

Jessica agreed with both of these things, and with Ishmael’s facial expression, it was like a vindication for him, confirming that Jessica is a true blue Gold Digger.

But Sergio really wants to make sure that Jessica was not forced to do it. He called Jessica and asked her if she really wants to come with him. He even made the point that it might get him into trouble because she’s currently in a relationship.

He even gave her the option to back down.

But Jessica insisted that she wants to come and suddenly dropped her very own bombshell: she claimed that she doesn’t have any boyfriend at all!

It all confirmed what everybody has been suspecting right from the very start. Yes, a Gold Digger is on the loose, and somebody must catch this digger as soon as possible!

The whole Team, including Ishmael, headed back to the park where Jessica is sitting, and the woman was obviously rattled when she saw that there were cameras surrounding her.

Ishmael then confronted her about what she did, her giving away her phone number, agreeing to go out on a date with a complete stranger, and claiming that she is not in a relationship.

Jessica was so clearly aghast that she was put on this kind of test and was also pressured to explain herself.

She was so pissed off that she even pushed Ishmael really hard!

The mission was successful and confirmed that this woman could not be trusted at all.

Gold Digger, busted!

We’re certain that you enjoyed all our featured UDY videos as much as we do! Sergio and his Team are a bunch of true geniuses of coming up with this kind of YouTube show!

But their channel is more than just pranks; it gives us a closer look at one of the most pestering creatures on Planet Earth: The Gold Diggers! And they come in all shapes, colors and sizes!

It gives us a courtside seat on how Gold Diggers act when they are not with their, quote-unquote, lovers and with the people they know.

We can see how exactly they morph into a new form … In a glittery golden … digger!

As everyone can see, they always fail on every loyalty test whenever piles of money, shiny cars and flashy mansions are involved, which shows that they can easily dump anyone in exchange for a better (or rather richer) person.

Of all the UDY episodes that we featured today, which of them is the most explosive episode for you? Let us know in the comments.

Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the notification bell to get updated with our videos.

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