Top 7 GAMERS Videos that YOU should Watch and WHY

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Top 7 GAMERS Videos that YOU should Watch and WHY

If you’re hunting for the next video game to buy and want to explore the game’s ins and outs even before buying it, you’re in luck because thousands of gamers are now generously uploading their honest reviews on all thinkable video games right now.

It’s a big help for prospective video game buyers to know if the game that they are planning to buy is something that they can really enjoy.

A video game’s flashy ads and claims should not be the gamer’s only source of information when planning to buy a game, because there are no better juries of games than gamers themselves.

YouTube is an excellent source of an in-depth look at a game you’re planning to buy because gamers all over the world upload their livestream gamings or test gameplays on YouTube every day.

For today’s episode, we’ve compiled one of the most in-depth and entertaining gameplay videos uploaded by gamers themselves.

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So, sit back, relax and let the unveiling begin!


This video was uploaded by a YouTuber named Typical Player.

For this video, Typical Player tries the Thanos ‘Mod’ in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game, and with a hideous character like Thanos, who is obsessed with eliminating half of the Universe, it’s interesting how he would fare in this crime-stricken world of GTA 5.

The gamer on the video is obviously excited because, aside from seeing Thanos in GTA 5, he can also use the powers that Thanos had used against the Avengers. But what’s more thrilling is, Thanos is provided with additional powers in this game, and these powers are truly amazing!

Thanos’ iconic Infinity Gauntlet in this game is already filled with Infinity Stones, and it also is filled with all sorts of power that can really be enjoyed by the gamers.

But before testing the stones’ powers, the gamer tested Thanos’ running abilities first, and even with his big body and heavy armors, it’s surprising that he can still run really fast (even faster than a typical GTA character!)

One of the first abilities that the gamer tested in Thanos is his ‘Change Gravity’ ability, which basically gives Thanos the ability to suspend his enemies and let them fall hard on the ground.

Of course, controlling Thanos wouldn’t be complete without using his gigantic double-edged sword, which proves to be a brutal weapon when used in the game.

Thanos also has the ability to teleport cars from somewhere and send them right into his enemies’ faces, and if that doesn’t work, he can quickly deploy black holes to suck people around him that gets in his way.

The gamer obviously had a good time using these amazing abilities, at the expense, of course, of the hapless virtual victims in the game.

If the one who controls Thanos is already bored with these abilities, he may try the ‘Throw Fire’ ability, which lets Thanos throw hundreds and hundreds of fireballs everywhere all at once!

The gamer was intrigued with Thanos’ Mind Control’ ability that he chose to use before trying out Thanos’ other abilities. This ability, it turns out, proves to be very useful as it can control anyone according to Thanos’ biddings.

There’s also this ‘Telekinesis Ability’ that allows him to throw objects even without holding it.

But of course, this showoff of powers wouldn’t be complete without using Thanos’s legendary ‘Snap,’ which this gamer finds slightly confusing to use at first.

But the ‘Snap’ gets the job done and successfully turns everyone into dust whenever Thanos wishes.

IronMan may have stolen Thanos’ ‘snap moment’ in the movie, but he can certainly redeem this lost moment in GTA5 and snap as much as he wants!

This gamer also tried the villain’s ‘Stone It,’ Splash It,’ and ‘Wild It’ abilities.

The ‘Stone It’ ability allows Thanos to turn everyone into stones and giant boulders. ‘Splash It’ ability, on the other hand, allows him to turn something or someone into a splash of water.

But arguably, the most fascinating (or the funniest) ability of Thanos in this game is his ‘Wild It’ ability, which gives him the power to turn anyone into animals like a deer, a whale, and even a shark!

This ability would surely be useful when facing the Avengers next time!

Typical player is not done yet with his impressive MODs in GTA 5, find out his next great MOD with this next video …

At Number 6, ULTIMATE VENOM MOD!! (GTA 5 Mods)

Again, this video was from Typical Player, and this time, he tested his skills, or rather, his fascination by testing the Venom MOD on GTA 5.

The Venom appearance in this video was derived from the gruesome appearance of Venom in his 2018 movie, and it is fair to say that his body and skin were given a decent representation in the game.

The excitement of viewers of seeing Venom wreaking havoc in the city is occasionally hampered by the constant crashing of the gamer’s GTA software, but fortunately, he was able to fix it.

One of the first things that viewers can notice about Venom is he jumps insanely high, which is very fascinating to watch because it gives a detailed eye view of the city whenever he shoots himself up in the sky.

He can even jump from a high building and land on the ground as if nothing happened!

Of course, Venom is not Venom if he doesn’t have web-shooting abilities, which the gamer obviously tested in the game, and this ability proved to be so deadly for the innocent people around the city.

Another power of Venom in this game is his ability to shoot dozens of thick and deadly spikes everywhere, making him a really deadly enemy.

There is also a point in the game where Venom’s energy goes down, and the only way to fill it up is to have a satisfying lunch, which of course, isn’t everyone’s usual meal.

Obviously, Venom needs to eat people, so the gamer started to terrorize people around the city by snatching and eating pedestrians and the police officers hunting him down, which is a bit gruesome to watch.

The gamer then tested Venom’s other version, Carnage, which is as gruesome as Venom himself. He then tried to equip Carnage with a cool-looking and deadly weapon: Two huge axes planted in his hands!

It proves to be a deadly weapon as Carnage roamed the city killing every person he sees with these weapons with so much brutality. The police officers tried to stop this deranged monster– but their efforts ended up in vain, of course.

Gamers are truly fascinated with MODs, but aside from that, there is one thing that fascinates them even more …

At Number 5, Satisfying Car Crashes Compilation Beamng Drive (Car Shredding Experiment)

It’s everybody’s secret fantasy to crash, crumple, and blow up cars, and since it is impossible to do it in real life because of legal, and of course, financial reasons, this video provides us with the closest thing we can get in our fantasies. Aside from having the freedom to crash all sorts of cars in the Beamng Drive video game, it’s fascinating how this video emphasizes each crash moments through slow motions, which is really satisfying to watch.

Some car crashes in the video are realistic, but some, it seems, needs some more work.

One more fascinating thing about Beamng Drive car crashes is its various ways of destroying different cars, which makes each car crash more interesting to watch!

These compilations are truly satisfying to watch, but if their graphics can get some more work, then their car crash scenes can be more satisfying to look at.

Car crashes might be fun to watch, but it seems that stealing flashy cars is way more interesting to do, just like in this next video …


This video was uploaded by a YouTuber named Treyten.

Treyten, the gamer in this video, obviously had fun giving a lot of headaches on innocent drivers and cops, by playing a fake cop that steals flashy and expensive cars that he sees.

This ‘hobby,’ when done in real life, would surely send anyone in jail in no time, so Tryten had fun doing this fantasy on GTA 5.

One of the funniest parts in this video is when Tryten gives lame excuses to his victim drivers just to fool them in getting out of their cars.

It is also hilarious to watch the chasing scenes between Treyten, the ‘fake cop,’ and the police officers who are chasing him down. It doesn’t even felt like an intense scene because of his hilarious commentaries and the funny ‘bugs’ in the game while the police were chasing him…

One more funny scene in this video is when Treyten tried to chase down the cop who tased him by wearing a hamster attire (with matching hamster voice!).

This video is indeed a stress reliever to any viewers, even if they are not gamers because of its hilarious scenes! No wonder that this video, which was only uploaded barely two months ago, has already reached close to 5 million views!

Viewers surely had a lot of fun with this video, but it’s now time to hop on to a more serious one …


This video was uploaded by Apollo432.

By watching this video, viewers can clearly notice that this game has very realistic sound effects, from the activation of parachutes, the rotor blades on drones up to the vehicles rolling on different terrains.

For hardcore gamers, the details on the game’s sound effects are clearly an “ear candy” for them, heightening their experience in every gaming sessions.

Apollo432 is obviously an experienced gamer as viewers can see with his skilled way of navigating various terrains, whether it’s on the road, a rocky plain, or even on a mountain.

Also, viewers can surely notice his impressive skills in precise shootings, which is a very important skill in this kind of game.

As every gamer knows, this game that Apollo432 is playing is not designed for beginners but for seasoned and skilled gamers who seek a more challenging video game — a game that fits Apollo432 perfectly.

Viewers can learn important things in this video like Apollo432’s meticulous way of hunting for enemies by thoroughly searching every area, without being reckless.

This is an important point to make because a lot of players are making the mistake of hunting down enemies recklessly, which minimizes their chance of winning a game.

Being brave while being attentive are two important things that gamers should do with intensive games like this, which Apollo432 clearly showed in the video.

It’s now time to learn and watch an intense mech battle with this next video …

At Number 2, Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 – Optimus Prime (PS4)

This video was uploaded by a YouTuber named theRadBrad.

One of the first things that viewers can notice in this video is the game’s stunning graphics, which is every gamer’s dream!

Even though Optimus Prime’s appearance in this game is somehow different from the past Transformers movies, his detailed and stunning body structure proves that he deserves to have a whole new version for this game.

He also made a clear departure from his usual trailer truck transformation and switched to a cool-looking car with boosters at its back. Viewers can also notice that all the voices used in the game are from the voice actors of the past Transformers movies, which makes this game a really interesting video game to play!

The intricate details are obvious in every part and every element of the game, including the destruction scenes of Decepticons, which is surprisingly satisfying to watch because of the game’s amazing graphics.

In this video, the gamer obviously had fun playing this game, because aside from being an eye candy, the Decepticons in this game prove to be a formidable enemy and won’t give up without a fierce fight.

And last but not least, our top video for this episode …

At Number 1 Titanfall | KICKING SOME ASS | PC Gameplay/Commentary

This video was uploaded by jacksepticeye

The gamer is obviously an experienced gamer and had a lot of experience playing various game genres, so aside from his polite introductions, his honest comments can be immediately heard from his video.

jacksepticeye is an entertaining and informative commentator, sharing important and authentic tips that can help players improve their skills in playing this game.

But his commentary is peppered with a lot of curses and bad words, which is part of his straightforward comments on every obstacle that he encounters in the game.

Jacksepticeye provides viewers with a broader perspective of this game as he tries his best to explore all the terrains in the game so he can provide helpful insights for the gamers.

He even tests various weapons in every terrain or situation to recommend the best weapons for his viewers, that is why viewers can really learn a lot from Jacksepticeye

Curses and bad words aside, his videos are a good source of game education for players, which can really help them in improving their strategies and skills in playing video games.

Without a doubt, with all these free and great resources, this is the best time to be a true-blue gamer!

As more and more gamers around the globe are willingly sharing their gaming knowledge, every gamer can take advantage of this sharing spree by tapping on their knowledge to further improve their skills.

But the surplus of gaming knowledge right now would be useless if a gamer doesn’t exercise due diligence in filtering this knowledge and if he lacks the will to apply the important things he has learned.

From the top gamer videos that we have featured today, which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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