Top 7 BASKETBALL scenes to MOTIVATE and Inspire

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In this time of crisis, watching live sports isn’t probably the best option. Various sports are shut down and players settle in the comforts of their homes to stay safe. However, thanks to the advancements of technology, we can revisit the best games in human history, at least those that have been recorded or shuttered by cameras.

In this video, we gathered enough statistics and expert opinions to find some of the greatest defense, upsets, matchups, and simply unforgettable moments just for you. From the vault of all basketball clips, what has stood the test of time?

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To relive those events, we’ve rounded up the top 7 basketball scenes that you should not miss.

7. Jeremy Lin causes Linsanity

If this list was about the most unique basketball event of the decade, Linsanity would have gotten the first spot.

The seats at Madison Square Garden are occupied by famous Grammy winners, a renowned boxing winner, and even a former vice president. However, on this very night, they were just on the side of the arena, simply viewing the show. The New York Knicks were exerting their effort and up by 26 points when the fans demanded Lin, their newest hero, to showcase what he possessed.

Considered a fringe player at best, he only got the chance to play again because of coach Mike D’Antoni’s sheer desperation, and his long and sudden rest came right before his own team had been reportedly planning on removing him.

Fulfilling his fans in his breakout game against the Nets, Lin bombed unlikely 25 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds; dropping the whole arena into a different dimension.

This was the beginning of a seven-game winning streak for the N.Y Knicks. He, dropping a career-high 38 points, was included as well.

Every time you thought Linsanity couldn’t get any more savage, it did.

6. 2013 NBA Finals: Ray Allen ties Game 6

In disarrays caused by late-game situations, playbooks don’t mean much.

Although Lebron would go further to define Game 7, there wouldn’t have been that without Ray Allen’s three-point shot. Back-pedaling Allen in the corner, his game-tying technique in Game 6 resulted his team to triumph even when Chris Bosh stole the offensive rebound.

Eager to proceed to the next game, he launched one of the unachievable shots in NBA history. Allen missing the shot would probably pull the Miami Big Three era in the depths of failure. Luckily for them, they have been saved by a man who was skilled enough to practice that shot, just in case he ever needed it.

5. Nneka Ogwumike, Sparks versus Lynx

Nneka Ogwumike’s one-legged putback bunny with 3.1 seconds left carried L.A Sparks to WNBA title with a 77-76 victory over Minnesota Lynx, the defending champion.

After a few minutes of throwing 12 points and 12 rebounds, the league MVP celebrated their first title in 14 years together with her teammates. Having 23 seconds left to get Lynx a 74-73 lead, Brunson gave one of two free throws.

Parker replied with a layup on the opposite side that Moore faced with a jumper with 15 seconds left. Ogwumike’s first attempt was kind of graceless, but she found a way to get the ball from falling and savagely blasted it in the end.

4. 2014: Lillard nails game-winner in 99-98 victory

With 0.9 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Damian Lillard sank a game-winning three to lead the Portland Trail Blazers over the Houston Rockets. Chandler Parsons blasted the Rockets a two-point lead with a putback. As a response, Lillard dominated the opponent with his huge shout out of an inbounds play

From three point range, Lillard ended the night with 25 points and amusement. It was such a big surprise as The Blazers hadn’t crowned a playoff series since 2002. And believe it, Damian did that!

3. 73 over 9: The Warriors

The Bulls’ 72-10 record has never been dominated by any team, but when the Golden State Warriors played in 2015-16, they did break the record.

There are a lot of hindrances in getting even 50 games in a long NBA season, let alone 73. Yet GSW surpassed challenges, the opposition giving its greatest shot, physical injuries and other major obstacles after getting an unfeasible title in 2014-15 to etch their name in basketball lore. They were so into breaking the record that they finally grasped even better. Thanks to Steph Curry, who was a member of both the 72-10 Bulls and the 73-9 Warriors.

2. Kobe Bryant drops 60 in his last game

In his last game as a professional basketball player, he wasn’t himself. But that fact alone did not stop him from enjoying his final season. With his family, a great array of fans and celebrities, Bryant resurrected the Black Mamba in him one last time at the Staples Center.

It was evident that his teammates were doing their efforts to make Black Mamba’s last game an unforgettable one, relaying him the ball and persuading him to blast time after time. Setting a record, he gave 50 shots.

This game, a success over the Utah Jazz, was his 1, 346th of the regular season. In addition to finishing his game, his overall points were 33, 643 career points, and it gained him in the third spot of the most high-scorer player in NBA history.


Completing our list in the top 7 basketball scenes that you should not miss is LeBron’s Cavs come back from 3-1 down.

Over the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James bear-hugs Kevin Love as the Cleveland Cavaliers come back from 3-1 down to attain the NBA Championship in 2016. James did not return to finish Cleveland title drought, it was how he did it. Their performance was considered one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports.

No one in the team was expecting that they had a chance 3-1 against a foe which had 73-9 and gained a genuine claim as the greatest team of all time. However, James, together with his teammates, did not even think of surrendering in the league’s most imposing arena.

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