BEAUTY eccentricities and WHO uses them, Top 7 SINs of VANITY

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For today’s video, we will explore one of the greatest ‘age-old’ problems that rich and famous people have been trying to solve all this time, and boy; we would be more than willing to be part of this problem! That is, how do they spend their piles and piles of cash!

But, fortunately, to the relief of these rich people, the ‘good samaritans’ at the luxury industry have provided them with countless things where they could dump their cash on, and the recent favorites of the celebs today are the pampering and glamming up services.

These services, even though made specifically for the rich, have caught the public attention not just because of the celebrities who render these services, but also because of its outrageous price and outrageous way of pampering!

From real gold face masks to nail polishes with crushed diamonds, be ready to see your jaw drop with these ultra-expensive and outrageous pampering services that we mortals could only dream of.

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If you’re itching to sign up for these very expensive services or just plain curious of how expensive and ridiculous they are, then here we go!

At Number 7, Placenta Facial

Yes, celebrities are obviously obsessed with making their faces as polished as possible, and they could choose from the countless of pricey facial care services out there. But it’s a bit bizarre to think that some of them would choose placenta as their choice of facial care.

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of the womb that delivers oxygen and nutrients to a growing baby.

But the placenta that celebrities are willing to take as a facial treatment comes from sheep grown in New Zealand, which according to treatment centers are rich with vitamins and protein-rich elements.

One of the ultra-rich celebrities who use this treatment are Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham.

Even though this service is a bit bizarre, it’s not bizarre at all that they can afford this treatment that costs around $1,000 per treatment!

The placenta treatment promises to make anyone’s face (or rather anyone who can afford it) softer, smoother and be protected from radical damage.

No wonder Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham have remained youthful all these years.

Number 6, 24 Karat Gold Face Mask

It appears that Victoria’s Secret models can’t bear to be outdone when it comes to pricey facial treatments, so what better way to level up the game by having a gold facial mask!

Hold your breath guys, when we say gold facial mask, we mean it, a real 24-karat gold sheet mask!

Model Irina Shayk and Alessandra Ambrosio took this treatment for their pre-show beauty ritual with the help of skin well-being expert Mimi Luzon.

The mask costs $300 for a three-pack which is obviously pricey for facial treatment.

But since their job requires them to fly to various places, it leaves their skins dry, and even though they use high-end facial products, they know that these products won’t be enough to keep their faces as fresh as possible.

That’s why this royalty treatment is perfect for them since gold is proven to have skin brightening properties and contains ‘peptides’ which is known not just to relax facial tension but to reduce wrinkle depth as well.


Moving on to Number 5, Vampire Facelift

You’re still probably scratching your heads on those placenta and gold facial treatments we’ve shown you awhile ago, but let us give you another reason to scratch your head even harder — a vampire facial!

In this treatment, a doctor will draw blood from you and put it in a centrifuge which would then spin to extract your blood’s platelet-rich plasma or (PRP) and then inject it on your face.

Though there are celebrities who have already tried this ‘bloody’ treatment, one celebrity has really made this procedure popular and got everyone curious: Kim Kardashian West.

Not to be outdone by J.Lo, Victoria Beckham and Victoria’s Secret models’ bizarre facial treatments, Kim’s also got something bizarre up her sleeves, and as a bonus, bloody and painful, too!

This facial treatment costs $1,000 (peanuts for a Kardashian like her, of course) and promises to improve the skin’s tone, texture, smoothen its lines and even contribute to hair growth.

This treatment could have been bearable for Kim if she took a painkiller or a numbing cream for this procedure, but unfortunately, she can’t because she was pregnant at that time, and those substances might be harmful to her baby.

Although Kim openly said that she wouldn’t try this bloody treatment again, she praised its effectiveness and recognized that there are lots of people who are being helped by this procedure.

Down to Number 4, Black Diamond Manicure

We’ve already seen how celebrities can casually spend piles of cash to take care of their faces, so it’s not unusual (for them at least) to spend the same amount (or more) on their beloved nails!

Take a look at Kelly Osbourne, a co-host of E!’s ‘Fashion Police’ who made headlines by surprising everyone with her $250,000 black diamond manicure for Emmy Awards 2012.

The price for her manicure was so ridiculous that instead of gaining amazement from the public, Osbourne received tons of backlash on social media because of her insensitive display of extravagance. She then apologized for this act.

Number 3, 24-Karat Gold Manicure

It appears that a 24-Karat gold isn’t only good for your face, it’s also good for your nails, too! (if you’re attending a giant, million-viewers event like Grammy awards, that is).

Rihanna stunned everyone in a Grammy awards ceremony in 2012, not just because of her co-designed Emporio Armani black dress, but also because of her shiny and glittering nails, which is, by the way, a $5,000 24-Karat gold nail polish!

It was a limited edition gold polish called ‘Amor 24’ by gel manicure maker Red Carpet Manicure.

For mortals like us, we may try some of their polishes which only costs $9.99.

Going down to Number 2. Evian Bath

If drinking a bottle of Evian Natural Spring Water feels too costly for you, would the thought of having 260-gallon Evian bath make you crazy?

Well, the idea is less crazy for Hotel Victor, a $6,000 per night penthouse located at Miami Beach.

Since Evian is a known sponsor of the U.S Open, what better celebrity player could be invited by the hotel than Serena Williams!

Williams said that she could feel the purity of plunging in a 260 gallon Evian water-filled bathtub. She also enjoyed the floating fuchsia and orange Gerber Daisies floating above her and a bottle of chilled Krug Grand Cuvee at her side.

A refreshing bath, indeed!

And, finally, our Top 1! $1 Million a Year Beauty Treatment

This cost is indeed outrageous for a yearly beauty treatment, but it’s not bizarre at all that Jessica Simpson is behind this thing.

If you’re wondering how Simpson is able to spend this astronomical price tag every year, let us break it down for you.

Jessica Simpson spends $230,000 on her hair treatment every year, $50,000 a year on bust-enhancements, $2,000 a month on cellulite treatments, $1,000 a week on tanning and $1,000 a week on eyelash extension.

This head-spinning spending is what makes Simpson as gorgeous and as youthful as ever, no wonder she’s not hesitating on spending a premium for physical appearance.

So, there you have it, the top 7 beauty treatments of the ultra-rich!

If you were given a chance to try one of these treatments in our list today, what would it be? Let us know in the comment section!

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