APPLE vs MICROSOFT most popular FIGHTS that YOU should KNOW about

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In the arena fighting to secure dominant positions! Place your bets ladies and gentlemen ! In this historic fight to secure their dominant positions, these giants of industry have already given each other several punches that we examine in this video.

In the highly competitive battlefield of technology, both have created amazing hardware, software, and services, which have impacted our lives with a huge footprint of influence.

Windows Operating System, Surface, OSX, Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads who is winning this battle?

As we jump in to a time machine, please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to be notified our latest videos. Let’s check out the battle rounds of these two pugilists of technology:

ROUND 7, Apple punches Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard for Copyright Infringement.

As the bell rings and the contenders enter the rings, Apple is pissed at Microsoft and HP for stealing their novel idea of Graphical user interface also known as GUI, and sues them for creating elements similar to to those in Apple’s Lisa and Macintosh operating systems.

Four years in this glorious fight, from the year the lawsuit was filed in 1988 to 1994 when the decision was affirmed, Apple claimed that the “look and feel” of the klKMacintosh operating system, taken as a whole, was protected by copyright. This was not wholly favored by the referee, and even after Apple listed 189 graphical user interface elements, the court decided that 179 of these elements had been licensed to Microsoft in the Windows 1.0 agreement, and most of the remaining ten elements were not copyrightable.

Halfway through the fight, enters another pugilist giant: Xerox throws a punch at Apple, with a lawsuit against claiming Apple had infringed the copyrights Xerox held on its own graphical user interface. What a defensive move from Xerox, talking about raising your fists! This lateral move appears to have been intended to ensure that if Apple vs. Microsoft established that the look and feel were indeed copyrightable, then Xerox would be the primary beneficiary, instead of Apple.

But the referee would not have it, and the Xerox case was dismissed for a variety of legal reasons and this round extended to be one of many fist throwing punches between Apple and Microsoft battles both inside and outside the court. The fight extended to the Ads that both of them produced and affected the final outcome which we are about to see in this historic epic.

Ready for the next round?

ROUND 6, Apple jabs Microsoft, Intel and San Francisco Canyon Company.

The bell rings and Apple is locked and loaded to fire punches again. This time on February 4, 1995, Apple extended its lawsuit against developer San Francisco Canyon Company to also include Microsoft and Intel. But why?

VIDEO technology. Apple takes strong foot position and says that their code was stolen and used to bring a stark improvement on Microsoft’s Video for Windows technology. Something stinks. Should we say “piracy-smell”?

Bring in the heavyweights and the lawsuit extends to threats of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Microsoft, while Microsoft threatened to cancel its Office applications for the Mac.

What was the sand in the arena that triggered this round?

In 1992, Apple contracted software developer San Francisco Canyon Company to port its QuickTime technology to Windows. The PC QuickTime was released in November 1992. The following July, Intel also hired San Francisco Canyon Company to improve Microsoft’s Video for Window’s tech.

The whole fiasco started when Apple claimed that the resulting software included several thousand lines of code written while the San Francisco Canyon was under contract to Apple. Apple then filed a lawsuit against the developer, and on February 14 (Happy Valentines Microsoft and Intel) extended its lawsuit to include the two companies.

As the round ending bell rings, in August 1997, Microsoft and Apple came into terms, and Apple dropped all legal lawsuits against Microsoft. (Whew!) but the foul taste did not end and we are at the beginning of yet another round.

ROUND 5 Steve Jobs punches Microsoft during an interview.

Microsoft is Tasteless and Without Creativity said Steve Jobs in 1995 during an interview with Bob Cringely. This interview recovered in 2020, took place a decade after Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO, and in his “brutal” image, minces no words to describe Microsoft.

Along with some sharply honest comments, Steve acknowledges Microsoft’s dominance in the market, while emphasizing Microsoft’s lack of original ideas, creativity, culture and soulless products.

Apple big punch comes in the form of soul-full products, with original ideas and nifty form factors.

Did Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer saw this interview? That would be a fun scene to watch. Lets see now what Steve Ballmer did next

ROUND 4 Steve Ballmer takes in the belly

As Apple gained traction with a nifty new product, the iPhone, Steve Ballmer lowered his defenses and underestimated the potential of this new device.

In a now infamous interview with Bloomberg News, he was asked about his thoughts on the then newly released iPhone and his initial response was to laugh at it, further lambasting its high price and indicating that it would not appeal to the business consumers because of the lack of a physical keyboard.

The narrow views reflected Microsoft culture at the time, with arrogant responses, and plain wrong predictions. Less than a year after that interview, the iPhone blazed through the market and changed everything forever.

Like the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, every single Jurassic phone with plastic keyboards that Steve Ballmer cherished so much became obsolete overnight.

ROUND 3 Apple knocks out VISTA

Left and right punches came out swinging during Apple’s 2006 Worldwide Developers Conference as they devoted a “special time” to tackle one of the most interesting and maybe entertaining topics of the conference: the photocopying habit of their declared nemesis: Microsoft on the VISTA operating system.

Not wanting to fight alone, Steve Jobs leaned heavily on his sidekick, Bertrand Serlet, the senior vice president of software engineering at that time, to pinpoint, in full detail, the elements that Microsoft copied from their Mac OS 10 into VISTA. Serlet had a fun time comparing the “eerie” similarities of Windows Vista to Mac OS 10.

To add flavor to the conference, Serlet shared that in the prior conference, they had hung a big banner saying: “Redmond, Start Your Photocopiers.”, obviously referring to the city of Redmond, where Microsoft headquarters is located and intended as a sarcastic remark to Microsoft’s habits of copying various elements of Apple products and infusing them on Microsoft products, especially on Windows. While Serlet said that it was meant as a joke, he added that he didn’t expect Microsoft would take it seriously, as the audience bursted into a great laughter.

To throw more hurtful punches, Serlet, compared screenshots from MAC OS X Tiger and Windows Vista beta features such as Spotlight and Instant Search, Safari RSS and IE7 RSS, Mail and Windows Mail, and lastly iCal and Windows Calendar, and every time each products were compared side by side, the audience noticed the similarities. This was Apple’s way of showing that Microsoft’s had no creativity of its own.

Steve Jobs ended the “photocopying presentation” by saying that when it comes to innovation, money isn’t everything. Lets see now what Microsoft did in response…

ROUND 2, Microsoft throws a Zune.

In fit of fury, like in the movie the Empire Strikes Back, Microsoft created an iPod challenger, The Zune. This music player, called Zune 30. Released in 2006, it had a 30GB capacity, as well as FM radio, and a 3-inch screen.

But this punch felled short, and while the Zune had solid features, Microsoft has joined the music player party a bit late, very late in fact, as by the time the Zune was releases, the iPod had already dominated the marked with five years of experience and created a following of loyal customers who are eagerly waited for each new iPod model.

Even with its lukewarm start, Microsoft attempted to gain market and released multiple Zune models, the Zune 80, the Zune 4, Zune 8, and Zune HD all aimed at various iPod models.

While each Zune model had quite a few competitive features, Apple had already created a music player market impossible to beat, even for a tech giant like Microsoft. Zune ended up being considered one of the biggest flops in Microsoft’s history

As the beetle heats up, let’s see where they are now:

ROUND 1, The Ads Wars – a new beginning.

The court battles between Apple and Microsoft are long over, and the Jobs-Gates rivalry is already a thing of the past. Today, the two giants have found a new battleground to continue their classic rivalry: ADVERTISING.

But this time, it’s not as intense as their past court battles or even as stinging as Steve Jobs’ sharp words; interestingly, it morphed into a sarcasm packaged in hilarious and funny commercials that take potshots at each other’s products. Not even Siri was spared and Steve Jobs would have a good laugh with some of the commercials.

Surface mocks iPad.

No Stand, no USB port, no snap-on keyboard, and expensive? What kind of device are you?

The Ad highlighted iPad’s lack of stand, USB port, snap-on keyboard, and of course, iPad’s expensive price, and while these limitations are being shown, we can hear Siri’s insecure comments on the background, which makes the Ad even more fun to watch.

Cortana vs Siri

Microsoft took a shot at Apple by comparing it’s then-new Cortana to Siri, by portraying Siri as an insecure fellow again the much better looking Cortana encased in a new HTC phone model.

“I’m a Mac and I’m a PC”

The “Mac Guy” guy in the commercial is portrayed as a hip and young guy, while the PC is portrayed as a usual business-looking guy. In its series of commercials, Apple hilariously points out Macs’ great advantages in funny short skits that everyone could relate to, simply because … it’s real. Very real.

It appears that the two giant’s next battleground wouldn’t be anywhere near a courtroom, but rather in creative ads that enjoy taking potshots at each other’s products.

What is next for these two? Is the referee going to declare one of them the champion as we move to the CLOUD wars?

Let us know which was your favorite round, in the comments sections and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to be notified when we add a new video. Stay in our channel as the next video loads.

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