Top 10 CELEBRITIES Surgeries screw ups! – SHOCKING

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Today we’re going to be taking a look at celebs who famously went under the knife, only for the results to leave them looking worse than before surgery. From botched boob jobs to failed face lifts, let’s start the countdown!


Star of rom-coms such as: ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and: ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Meg Ryan went through a transformation sometime during the early 2000’s with less than positive results. Although she claims never to have gone under the knife, many experts claim that she’s undergone a facelift, eyelid reconstruction and lip fillers. Meg’s career soon went downhill around the same time as her natural beauty started to change? Coincidence? What do you think?


80’s bad boy Mickey Rourke seemed to have it all back in the day – leading man good looks, charisma and a career on the rise? So what went wrong? Cheek implants, a chin implant and reconstructive surgery on his nose to be precise! Mickey turned his back on Hollywood in the 90’s for an unsuccessful career in boxing, and it seemed he suffered one too many knocks to the face to cause him to go under the knife. However, Mickey made a comeback in 2009’s: ‘The Wrestler’, earning him an Oscar nomination and critical praise.


Making her breakthrough in the late 90’s in cult classics such as: ‘American Pie’ and: ‘The Big Lebowski’, Tara Reid’s career seemed to be taking off, until she decided to have surgery that is. A disastrously botched stomach liposuction and breast surgery left her career in tatters, and as a result her career suffered massively, ending up in B-movies such as: ‘Sharknado 3’ amongst others.


Friends’ star Courtney Cox seemed to have a bright career ahead of her at the end of the 90’s, until she went on a botox frenzy. The 55-year-old star has admitted she had a tonne of work done, confessing even she thought she had gone too far at one point, looking completely unrecognizable and growing addicted to surgery. As a result her star has faded over the years, but now she claims to be all natural having turned her back on surgery for good.


Angelica Houston is Hollywood royalty, winning an Oscar for: ‘Prizzi’s Honour’ in the mid 80s and best known for her role in: ‘The Addams Family’. The star has admitted to having botox in the past with disastrous results: admitted previously to having collagen injections to smooth things out.

However, Angelica also admitted she had been put off some surgical procedures after a Botox experiment went wrong. She explained: ‘I went to a doctor who said, “Angelica, we have this wonderful new thing, it’s called Botox. He took a huge needle and plunged it into my third eye. The pain was something inexplicable. I gasped, I writhed and when I came to, I had a headache that lasted four days. A serious one.”


This Italian fashion icon and sister of the late Gianni Versace is no stranger to all things plastic surgery. In fact, it’s glaringly obviously that she has had multiple operations over the years. The first thing that’s noticeable about her is her overly plump upper lip. Natural lower lips tend to be about fifty percent larger than the upper lip. But in Versace’s case, the proportions are reversed, yielding what is known as a ‘trout pout’. In addition, the designer’s skin looks waxy, possibly the result of multiple laser treatments.


The star of: ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ was very much the Hollywood A-lister in the early 2000’s, but that all changed after her shocking appearance at the 2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, where she seemed to have had plastic surgery and looked almost unrecognizable from the actress we once knew and loved. However, the actress claims she has no regrets with going under the knife: “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows,” she said. Renne made a return to the big screen in 2016’s: ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’.


Actress Daryl Hannah was undoubtedly a beauty icon back in the 80’s with her hit movie: ‘Splash and even maintained her hot image for 20 years, until photos emerged in 2010 looking drastically different. She denied that she had plastic surgery, but didn’t explicitly rule out injections such as Botox and dermal filers.

Several cosmetic doctors said they believe fillers are responsible for Hannah’s changed face. Because most fillers are absorbed by the body over time, their effect is temporary, which could explain Hannah’s gradual change back to a more recognizable appearance in recent months.


The singer of 80’s pop group ‘Dead or Alive’, known for their hit single: ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ had one of the worst cases of cosmetic surgery gone wrong that lead to health issues before his untimely death in 2016 at the age of just 57. Burns had extensive polyacrylamide injections into his lips, cheek implants, several rhinoplasties and many tattoos. Burns at one time accused fellow pop star Boy George of appropriating his unique image. In early 2006 Burns revealed in an interview that he had spent most of his life savings on 18 months of reconstructive surgery after a cosmetic procedure on his lips went wrong.

In January 2007, he announced that he was planning to sue the cosmetic surgeon, Maurizio Viel, who performed his faulty lip surgery, for £1 million. Surgery-related health problems experienced by Burns included pulmonary embolisms and near-fatal blood clots. In March 2009 Burns was admitted to a London hospital after collapsing from a kidney ailment. He was diagnosed with seven large kidney stones, which were removed with laser surgery.


And at the top of our list today is the late King of Pop himself; Michael Jackson. To this day, many assume Jackson bleached his skin to become white – that it was a wilful cosmetic decision because he was ashamed of his race. Yet in the mid-1980s Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin disorder that causes loss of pigmentation in patches on the body. According to those close to him, it was an excruciatingly humiliating personal challenge, one in which he went to great lengths to hide through long-sleeve shirts, hats, gloves, sunglasses and masks. When Jackson died in 2009, his autopsy definitively confirmed he had vitiligo, as did his medical history.

After the release of his fifth solo album, “Off the Wall” (1979), Jackson had an accident that would change him forever. He fell while dancing and broke his nose. It is believed that that’s when he had his first plastic surgery. In a 2002 interview with ABC News’ Martin Bashir, Jackson denied that he had had plastic surgery beyond the nose job.

“I’ve had no plastic surgery on my face,” Jackson said. “Just my nose. It helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes.” Bashir was skeptical, asking if Jackson honestly was saying he’d only ever had one operation. “Two,” Jackson said. “As I can remember….Yeah. Just two.”

What do you think? Do you believe Jackson only had two operations on his nose and nothing else? Let us know in the comments!

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