STRANGEST Unexplained Videos – can you tell what happened?

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There are some things in this world, that defy all logic and reason. Some things that we simply can’t explain and we are left in awe what just happened or what did we just see?

Some videos have circulated online about the strangest sightings, whether it be paranormal, extra-terrestrial, or just downright scary, no explanation can be given, which adds to the mystique of the said videos.

Doesn’t matter how big or tough you are, once you truly think about what’s going on in those videos, well it’s only a matter of time before you know how brave you really think you are.

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For today, we will be talking about STRANGEST UNEXPLAINED VIDEOS.


We start off our list with a story that seems to be taken straight out of a horror movie.

Elisa Lam was a Canadian Student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Unfortunately, we say that purposely using the past tense as she died after one of the strangest incidents over the past years.

Lam was the daughter of emigrants from Hong Kong, who opened up a restaurant in Burnaby. She was going on a trip to California, and it was in L.A where she would meet her eventual demise.

It’s important to note that Elisa Lam, at an early age, was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. Her parents decided to keep her mental health issues a secret. She was prescribed with drugs, to treat her disorder, such as Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel, and Effexo.

On a trip to California in 2013, Lam traveled alone via Amtrak, and intercity buses. She visited the San Diego Zoo and even posted pictures on social media. She arrived in Los Angles on January 26 and she checked in the Cecil Hotel.

She shared a room with two other roommates but was eventually given her own room as her roommates requested her to get her own room due to “odd behavior”.

She was scheduled to check out of the Cecil Hotel, on January 31, and was to travel to Santa Cruz. On that very day, her parents had not heard from her, which was unusual given that she called them everyday while she was traveling.

They decided to contact LAPD, and they even flew to L.A to help the authorities in their search for their missing daughter.

The police then questioned staff who saw Elisa on that day, they searched the hotel within their legal limits, they extensively searched Elisa’s hotel room as well, even bringing canines to try to pick up her scent.

This went on for over a week and nothing fruitful happened, so the LAPD decided they needed more help. Flyers with her image were posted around the neighborhood as well as online, garnering attention from the national media. It was then they discovered something strange.

A CCTV video of Elisa in an elevator was released by the LAPD, after two weeks of no progress on searching her.

The video shows Lam acting rather strangely. She enters the elevator and proceeds to press on several floors, before stepping back to the corner.

The door doesn’t close, so she sticks her head out of the elevator, looks in both directions, and quickly steps back in.

But then she backs up against the wall and then into the corner near the control panel. The door still doesn’t close.

She then steps outside to the hall, then to her side, back in, looking to the side, then back out. She enters the elevator door and ends up pressing even more buttons on the control panel.

She continues with her strange behavior as her right arm can be seen going up to her head. Shen the proceeds to rub her forearms together, then waves out her hands to the side, while bowing forward and rocking gently.

She backs up to the wall again, and the door finally closes. It is one of the most unsettling videos you will ever see, and it’s even more unsettling on what happened a couple of weeks later.

During Lam’s search, the guests of the hotel have consistently been complaining about the low water pressure. Some even claimed that the water was black, and hand an unusual taste.

On February 19, the hotel staff decided to check the water tank to see what was causing all the problems. It was then they made a shocking discovery, as they found Elisa Lam’s body in the water tank. They had to drain the tank and cut it open in order to get Lam’s body out of there.

The autopsy on her body ruled out sexual abuse, physical trauma, or suicide. No recreational drugs were found in her system either.

It is unclear how her body ended up in the tank as only select hotel staff have access to that area of the hotel. The details of her death are eerily similar to horror film Dark Water, as if it was a case of life imitating art.

To this day, no explanation has been given on why and how that happened to Elisa Lam. Making it one of the bone-chilling phenomena of the past years.


Next on our list of the unexplained comes in the form of a web series by singer/artist known as Poppy.

She is known for having an android type persona and frequently appearing in the most unsettling performance art videos on the internet commenting on internet satire and modern society.

The eccentric singer achieved fame as her videos went viral, shooting her up to modest success. After releasing two albums, which went on to sell very well, she took her strange persona to the next level as she and her team decided to produce a web series on YouTube entitled “I’m Poppy”.”

The show is a surrealist dark comedy that shows Poppy exhausting herself in dialogue that is in the same spirit as a David Lynch movie.

Considered weird, unsettling, creepy, yet very funny, the show has gained a cult following, resulting into numerous fan theories on the internet, analyzing what the videos could possibly mean.

The pilot of the series, premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and is available on YouTube Premium.

The synopsis of the pilot says “Join internet sensation Poppy as she enters the real world for the very first time and quickly realizes that fame and fortune come at a price, with secret societies, dangerous fanatics, and a very envious mannequin named Charlotte”.

We know what you’re thinking, what in the world does that mean? The web series is definitely not for everyone, as the surrealist nature along with the suspension of disbelief can result in an unsettling experience for a viewer uninitiated with those certain film tropes.

Nevertheless, it is strange and producers have offered zero explanation adding to the mystery of the series as well as Poppy, and definitely deserves a spot on our list.


In 2016, a strange phenomenon occurred when the entire world started reporting strange Clown sightings in their vicinity.

The United States in particular, had a high number of cases as videos went viral online as people would spot people dressed up in the creepiest clown costumes.

Videos would range from CCTV footage, to footage captured by people on their smartphones. What is really disturbing, is how once a clown was aware that he was being filmed by a person in a moving car, for example, he would then proceed to chase the car in a very hostile manner.

The clown sightings can be traced back, to 2013, in Northampton, England. It was started by three filmmakers who wanted to direct internet traffic to their Facebook page called “Northampton Clown”.

In the U.S, the 2016 clown sightings started in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as photos and footage of an “evil clown” wandering the streets went viral. Cases rose that very year as almost all U.S states, 9 provinces of Canada, and over 18 countries have reported clown sightings.

On October 9, 2016, a particular video of a clown sighting vent viral and caused mass hysteria.

A Texan home revealed from its CCTV footage of a creepy clown holding a knife, trying to enter the home.

It starts off with the clown heading to the front door before walking down the driveway to the back door. The clown then made its way to the backyard creepily wandering the area. Most of the footage is in black and white, but once the clown makes its way to the backyard, it is in color and is revealed that the clown is wearing an orange wig.

Until now, the clown phenomena of 2016, has yet to be concluded as to why it was happening. It’s one of those cases that we don’t know how it started and why it kept on happening, but definitely glad that it ended.

Any other strange videos you know of that have defied explanation or logic? Drop a comment below on letting us know what you feel could have made the list.

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