The cult of FAKE online COURSES and how people fall for them

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We have all experienced watching videos on YouTube, or browsing through our respective social media platform, when all of a sudden, we come across an ad explaining how you can earn money easily.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is.

Unfortunately, there are some people financially struggling, unhappy with their jobs, that easily fall into these traps with hopes and aspirations that they can become successful such as the people they see in those particular ads.

It is due to those factors that they are very eager to learn, and without knowing it, invest in these so – called online courses that offers them a chance to get rich quick with the least amount of effort required.

Little do they know that they are actually being exploited by the very people that seem to be offering them some hope, or a second chance if you say.

Today we’re going to be talking about THE CULT OF FAKE ONLINE COURSES AND HOW PEOPLE FALL FOR IT.


It all started with this man. In 2015, Tai Lopez, a mediocre film producer, when he released an ad of himself in his garage, flaunting his nice car and other material things and started talking about the one thing that peaks anyone’s interest – money.

He went on to say how he was like everybody else, barely graduated college, had a job he hated, was not making what he wanted to, and he talked about how turned it all around in one day.

He then continued bragging about how much money he had made the past year saying in this year alone he has made millions of dollars. He talked about the many things he had bought and how often he went on vacation to some exotic island.

The selling point of all of it was, that you, the viewer, can achieve the same things.

Well, how can we possibly reach the levels of success he has reached? Oh! it is simple. We need to avail an online course where Tai Lopez will share his financial expertise and help us make money without having to put the effort as we would our regular jobs. He offers his services for a whopping price of $5,000.


As soon as Tai Lopez went viral and started trending, a lot more followed in his stead.

The growing numbers of these people offering online courses are growing exponentially and they are all selling the same thing.

They are exploiting the hopes of people who fall into their scams and they make money off them. Some have even made millions with these exploits.

They offer overpriced “online courses” that will supposedly give them the necessary information needed to make money quick.

Other people, – hundreds of them- have followed Tai Lopez’s formula and have been cheating the people out of their hard- earned dollars.

They appear on ads on social media platforms usually YouTube, due to the monetization system, being their bread and butter.

As you browse through hundreds and even thousands of YouTube videos you will surely come across these “financial gurus” who say they want to help turn your life around.

What is it exactly they sell? And why do so many people fall for these scams?


These scammers are not selling you advice or price-worthy information. What they are really selling, is illusion.

The illusion that with the numerous social media platforms we have now, we have the ability to make money like we have never dreamed of.

It’s a hoax of course: as they sell you their idea, they also are projecting an image of success. Success that they claim is easy, simple, and replicable.

For some people, it is easily read as a scam. People work hard for their money and it’s very difficult for them to believe a guy with all these luxury items, a fancy car, the latest iPhone, and hundreds of financial books, talking garbage and trying to sway people to their supposed online course.

But there are a lot of other people who are willing to believe these scammers because they are just that desperate.

They are unhappy with their position in life and are more than willing to avail of this course that claims that they also can get rich quick. Who can blame them? Who wouldn’t want to quit their job, hop on a Ferrari, travel to the Bahamas and just splurge on the cash that they made so easily?

The unfortunate part is, that from a legal standpoint, these ventures are perfectly fine. Ethics however would disagree.


Imagine this, you get convinced on what the gurus are selling, and you actually invest, what happens next?

For anyone making an investment, the goal is to seek the return or profit on the investment, thus you are going to make sure that every cent that you spent was not in vain.

As such people who invested in this course, attend webinars, travel to across the nation seminars, often shouldering their own costs, continually seeking the secrets of success that have been advertised to them by these online gurus.

What happens next is an amazing thing: The content that they get is nowhere near as satisfying as they thought it would be. They didn’t get the information or the so-called tricks of the trade, and what happens at the end of each session, is that the guru offers yet another course, thus having to spend some more dollars.

Some people still want to believe that it is true and do exactly that: spend even more money searching for a truth that they will likely never discover.

It is gotten so far out of hand, that some of the people who do realize they have been scammed, go on to try their hand in scamming others in order to make up for their investment.

Unknowingly, the scammed become scammers and the display the same characteristics of a cult.


Marketing is everything. These financial gurus will falsely market themselves to have people believe that they are legit.

It ranges from a lot of things. That fancy car they were showing off in the garage or on the street? It turns out that most of the time, they don’t own the car. They simply post a video selfie of themselves with the car lying to our faces and saying they own it.

They go to a marketing event and take a picture with the host and post it on Facebook or Instagram saying that they are their friends.

They use misleading language on social media such as “ I can’t wait to go Hawaii or France”, when in reality they’re just making up stuff hoping others get to see their posts.

They will even go as far as buying Facebook likes as to prove that they are legit, even surrounding themselves with fellow scammers who look after their own and continuously lie to people about their success.

It is through this deception that they are able to sell and sad enough people actually fall for these lies.


It is our duty to ourselves and to people everywhere, that we do what we can to avoid others from falling into these scams.

First and foremost, we must do the necessary research and educate ourselves on these fishy online courses.

To make it perfectly clear, there are online courses that are quite legit.

They don’t show us videos of fancy cars, or vacations to exotic places, but what they do provide is a detailed syllabus on what we should expect to learn from the course.

Fake scammers have no such kind. Resorting to fancy words and misleading headlines but no actual concrete learning structure that is supposedly going to help other people who avail of the course.

When it comes to trying to make money online with whatever niche we are trying to apply it to, almost everything is available online for free if not for a small price, nowhere as expensive as these fake courses.

We are not going to have to spend from $5,000, $10,000, or even $25,000 for a course that is just going to keep us hooked on the selling points eventually bankrupting us, leaving the scammers laughing their way to the bank.

It is important to note, that there is no such thing for earning money easily. Hard work pays off, and no amount of cheap talk or unethical marketing could ever replace that.

And that concludes our video for today. May we always be alert when it comes to possibly falling for these fake online courses we are seeing everywhere.

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