MISHAPS – FUNNY or NOT? – Should you laugh about them?

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Laughter is indeed the best medicine. But what happens when your cure comes from somebody else’s poison?

Look, we get it. Sometimes a terrible or sad thing makes us laugh. We feel kinda bad, but mostly we feel amused. This phenomenon occurs so often that there’s actually a German word for it. Schaudenfreude, or “pleasure at somebody else’s pain.”

We can’t control whether or not we laugh–that’s the scientific mystery behind humor. But we should probably acknowledge it when the humor hides a serious problem. Or, worse, when our laughter might encourage bad behavior. Let’s go through some funny mishaps that we shouldn’t laugh about. Well, okay, we can’t help laughing. But we can follow our laughter with a lesson in common sense.

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8. Literally Walking on Thin Ice

Guys, that’s an expression for a very good reason. Falling into freezing water can lead to hypothermia. Which can lead to, y’know, death. Increased heart rate and heavy breathing may be symptoms of someone cracking up–but they’re also early symptoms of hypothermia.

So if your buddy falls into freezing water, get them inside, dry them off, and put a warm drink in their hands. After all of that’s done, go ahead and laugh. Just make sure they’re not dying of hypothermia first. Priorities, guys.

7. Don’t Be a Tool

Is it funny that this hammer appears to double as a boomerang? Okay, yeah, it is. But let’s be real. This is literally a tool designed to smash things in. Why the heck would you throw it? This guy’s lucky it didn’t hit someone else in the face.

Would he still be able to laugh if all of his teeth got knocked in? If you throw hammers, the entire entire world becomes a nail.

6. I’m Falling and I Really Can’t Get Up

Yes, falling down is a comedy staple. So it’s hard not to laugh at these old people falling down. But here’s the problem–will they get up again? Ever?

The elderly are extremely susceptible to broken or fractured hips. And one in three adults over the age of 65 dies a year after breaking their hip.

So maybe hold off the laughter until you’re sure Grandma is gonna make it. Otherwise you’ll feel like a real jerk at the funeral.

5. Heavy Humor

Having a gym membership does not automatically make you a weightlifting expert. It’s common sense to have a spotter, but apparently this guy didn’t know that. Would he still be laughing if the dumbbells had fallen on top of his foot and crushed it? We’re guessing probably not. Though to be fair, we’d probably laugh at that. At least we’d feel bad about it.

Someone get this guy a personal trainer. Preferably one who makes him do twenty pushups for every bad joke.

4. Just Kid-ding

Adults constantly tell kids that bullying is wrong. So why then do so many adults not only bully kids, but put it online for the whole world to see? IT’s like a walking advertisement that you’re a bad person.

It’s easy to forget that being laughed at doesn’t just upset kids in the moment–they can remember it for years afterwards and feel very hurt. So we’re not a big fan of making kids cry in the first place, much less recording their embarrassment and sharing it online.

You wouldn’t like it happening to you, so why would you do it to someone so sensitive and young? Let’s not encourage these crappy parents by laughing at their kids.

3. A Sinking Feeling

It’s called the dance floor, not the dance counter. So why are these girls wearing high heels and dancing within inches of a sink? We have so many questions that it’s less funny and more inevitable when one of them falls.

But it gets even better. Or worse, depending on your point of view. Instead of getting off the countertop and ditching the heels, her friend is still standing up there. You’d think she’d learn something. Her lack of common sense renders us less amused and more sad.

2. Bench This Bench

For now, let’s the ignore the elderly people sitting on this bench and their high risk for broken hips. Can we instead talk about our tax dollars at work? Your money went to the IRS, which gave it to a government budget that paid for drone warfare, laws banning plastic bags, and your underworked senator’s new wardrobe.

But somehow none of that money went into something as basic as a bench that stands up? Don’t laugh, guys. Cry at the poor leadership that won’t even let you sit safely at a bus stop.

1. Skirting the Point

Gentlemen, you may laugh when a strong breeze causes a girl’s skirt to fly skyward, but ask yourself this. How would you feel if that happened to your mother? And if all of your friends watched and laughed? Better yet, imagine what it would feel like if your pants flew off your ankles and revealed those tighty whities to the world.

Not so funny when it’s your underwear on display is it? Think about that next time you witness a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Oh and by the way, her husband got so angry after shooting that scene it’s rumored he hit her. Ruins a bit of the sexiness, huh?

By the way, we’re not blaming you for laughing at these mishaps. That’s not really under anybody’s control. We’re just asking you to sprinkle some kindness and common sense alongside your humor. Are you a bad person for laughing when someone falls down? No. But you are a good person if you help them up after. It’s not hard to find both humor and decency in everyday mishaps.

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