7 signs of a FAKE friend

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Trust is a delicate thing, it’s something we give to the people that mean the most to us, most especially our friends.

Our friends are people we go to, in good times and bad, sometimes though we should be wary of the people we surround ourselves with, as not all friends have the best intentions, and not all friends are actually our friends.

Have you ever felt suspicious of someone you consider your friend? Have you ever tried to find out whether or not this person is doing any good for you?

Well, you’re in luck, because today, we’re going to explain how some friends of ours, are actually fake.

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Starting off our list at number seven, we have one of the most common signs of a fake friend.

You ever have a friend who you haven’t heard of in a long time, then hits you up and says they want to catch up?

Sure, sounds great right, only later on it turns out they need something from you, maybe a loan or a favor.

Bummer, right? But it’s actually more common than you think.

Amazing how you don’t hear from someone for so long, and when you do, they suddenly need something from you.

Most especially if you’ve proven to that person that you’ll come to their rescue when ever needed. In turn, they’ve labeled you as that person in their life, someone they can depend on.

In most cases, this is a good thing, but given the reasons stated before, it’s hardly a genuine gesture.

They may end up thanking you for the favor you just did, maybe buying you a beer and treating you to lunch, that’s what friends do.

But a fake friend, won’t be talking to you for the next six months until they need something again.


Next at number six, we have another obvious sign when a person treats you differently depending on who is around.

They may be nice to you when you’re alone, but when around others all of a sudden, they start getting obnoxious and brush you aside, giving you the cold shoulder.

Are they friendly to you in private, but when in public, start treating you with such disrespect? To make thing worse, it’s as if your friendship is something that should be kept a secret.

Well, if someone in your life shows these signs, you’re better off just letting them go, because that’s the kind of toxic immaturity fake friends are known to show.

A true friend is not ashamed of treating you with kindness, and they are not afraid to admit to others that you guys have a relationship. They will definitely not shrug you aside as if they have no use for you now that other people are around. Know better, know your friends better.


At number five we have one of the more annoying traits of fake friends.

Ironic how you can be there for a person when they need you. But when the tables are turned, and you’re the one who needs a little help, they suddenly can’t be reached or don’t reply to any of your messages?

That is not a real friend, at all.

Chances are they could just be busy, right? But if they just say they’re busy each time you try to contact them, or if they even end up ghosting you, the bigger chance is that they are keeping you around for their own benefit.

Research has shown, that this trait is very common in narcissists.

They ask you for all the favors in the world, but when it’s your turn to reach out, they say they’re busy all the time.

It can’t get any faker than that, so be aware people.


Part of any healthy friendship comes disagreements. Friends, family, even loved ones, chances are we’ve had our fair share of disagreements with the people closest to us, and that is perfectly fine.

But enter the world of fake friends. A common sign for fake friends is that they’re inability to compromise between disagreements.

Instead of working to understand each other’s point of views better, a fake friend will care about nobody else’s point of view other than their own.

So, what they do after an argument? They just bolt, not caring about the friendship anyway, and they decide to just stop being hanging out with you and maybe even stop being friends with you.

If you’re aware of this particular sign that they are showing, let them leave, in fact, open the door for them.

If they’re reaction to a disagreement is to just stop seeing you, then let them do you a favor, because those types of people aren’t worth having around.


Coming up at number three, we have a daring sign of not only a fake friend, but an immature person as well.

Life is full of mistakes. Making mistakes is important in building one’s character as it can serve a very meaningful life experience.

And a sign of a true friend, is one that is willing to call you out on your wrongdoings, so you can be a better person and be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Fake friends, fail to see this though. They take offense to any form of constructive criticism and end up throwing a fit and lashing out.

This tends to happen even with real friends, the difference is real friends will almost always set ill feelings aside and apologize and work towards to being better.

When someone cares about you, they will make sure that your friendship is a two-way street.

But when they only care more about themselves, their wants, and their needs, they no longer see you as a person, but someone that exists for their own benefit and convenience.

So, the next time you’re calling out a friend for something they did, and they react violently, maybe then you’ll realize what kind of friend that person is.


Coming up at number two, we have one of the tell-tale signs that your friend may not actually be your friend.

When a friend treats you differently when you change something about yourself, this means that the person doesn’t accept you for who you are.

They only accept their version of you inside their heads, what they think you should be to them.

Real friends will stick it out with you no matter what. If you choose an embarrassing career, or if you flunked out of college, or if you even get divorced, a real friend will accept you and your situation no matter what.

Regardless of the path you’re on or the choices you are making, a real friend will continue to be by your side without judgement.

Fake friends will simply just leave when you don’t act according to their liking, and that’s fine. You don’t need anyone’s approval to do what you want to do, much less from fake friends that don’t hold any bearing in our lives.


And capping off our list at number one is your success and happiness, and how fake friends absolutely do not care about that, and even go as far to begrudge your accomplishments and feats.

You could be on top of the world, with your dream job and doing good with your relationship, and real friends will be nothing but happy and ecstatic for you.

Fake friends will not be happy for you, and why should they? They’re not a real to begin with.

It’s bad enough that we have some fake friends who put others down, but this just falls into a new low entirely.

They don’t like seeing others do well in life because this reflects on what they see as their own failures in life.

And the most telling sign of a fake friend? When they see you on a roll with everything going on in your life, they’ll just ditch you as your life is going better than theirs and they’d rather just leave than admit it.

Real friends will be supportive, and treat that milestone as their own. It’s important that we know who the real ones are.

Which part do you agree with the most? What are other signs of a fake friend that you know of?

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